‘Perfect Combo of Them Both’: Fans Are Shocked By How Strongly Lauren London and Nipsey Hussle’s Son Kross Resembles Both Parents

Fans of the late rapper Nipsey Hussle and actress Lauren London were shocked at a recent video of their son, Kross, due to what fans saw as his strong resemblance to both parents.

The Neighborhood Talk caught a glimpse of an Instagram Stories video of 5-year-old Kross playing in a toy car. The resemblance to his parents was evident when he looked up at the camera and smiled as he gleefully played in his toy red sports car.

Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London’s son smiles as he plays with his toy car. (Photo: Screenshot / The Neighborhood Talk)

Fans commented on the precious video and the strong family resemblance.

“Perfect mix of his daddy and his mama,” wrote one Instagram user. “He’s like a perfect mix is them,” said another fan. “He is so cute.”

“The perfect combo of them both,” concluded another fan.

Hussle was 33 years old when he was gunned down in 2019 in front of his clothing store in Los Angeles. March 31 is the anniversary of his death, and London, 37, spoke with podcast host Jay Shetty on Feb. 28 about the reality of losing her partner. Shetty shared a clip of the interview on Twitter.

The actress said she had to learn to surrender to things that she could not control and to roll with the river when her life’s plan was derailed.

“When you have this plan for your life, as you should, if or when that gets derailed, and you have plan B now to go off that you didn’t plan on, it is the ultimate test of surrender. Because at the end of the day as much control as we think we have, we do not,” she said. “Life is going to do what it’s going to do,” she said. “And we are all going to get chin-kicked one way or another in this life, so I might as well focus on my enlightenment and roll with the river and not fight with the rocks.”

The actress returned to work for the film “Without Remorse” in 2021 and is starring in a Netflix film this year alongside Eddie Murphy and Nia Long.

London celebrated Hussle on his birthday last August with a sweet message on social media.

“Happy Birthday My King! I Love You Today and Forever Missing you is just a part of my DNA and I wear it with honor. Kross reminded me that you are ’36’ like me,” wrote London. “1 of 1 Hussle The Great there will never ever be another.”

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