‘How Both Her Kids Have Their Dads Whole Face’: Lauren London’s Rare Photo with Sons Kameron and Kross Has Fans Seeing Mini Replicas of Their Fathers

Lauren London‘s rare photos of her sons Kameron Carter, 11, and 4-year-old Kross Asghedom, 4, had fans doing a double-take on May 9 after noticing how the boys strongly resembled their fathers, rappers Dwayne “Lil Wayne” Carter and Ermias “Nipsey Hussle” Asghedom. London was in an on-and-off relationship with Lil Wayne until 2009 before giving birth to her older son Kameron. The actress was with her longtime partner Nipsey Hussle from 2013 until his untimely death in 2019. 

In her post, London wished everyone a Happy Mother’s Day as she posed alongside her boys. She wrote, “Happy Mother’s Day! To yours, mine ours 🙏🏽🦋💙.” Many followers bypassed the 36-year-old’s initial message and immediately focused on how strong Wayne and Hussle’s genes are. 

Lauren London’s rare image of her sons Kameron Carter and Kross Asghedom had fans doing a double-take after they appeared to look like mini replicas of their fathers, rappers Lil Wayne and Nipsey Hussle. Photo:@laurenlondon/Instagram

“How both her sons have their dad whole face but her dimples lol 😍.”

“Little Nip 💙 and Little Wayne”

“She ain’t pass on NO genes 😭.”

“They’re their fathers twins 😍🥰 #LLNIP 🏁.”

“Why she make copies of those men 😍.”

Last month, during an interview with “Entertainment Tonight,” while promoting her latest film, “Without Remorse,” starring Michael B. Jordan, London opened up about the importance of showing Kameron and Kross life after grief following the death of her “beloved” Nipsey. Hussle was shot and killed in front of his clothing store on March 31, 2019. The incident allegedly began after the rapper reportedly informed Eric R. Holder of his reputation in the neighborhood of being a “snitch.” Before the second anniversary of Hussle’s death, Holder asked for his $6.5 million bond to be reduced.

When asked if it was important for her kids to see her get back to work after losing Hussle, she said, “110 percent because we can’t live in our caves. We can’t stop. You know, we do have a purpose, all of us. It’s important for my sons to see me moving forward with grief. Not just curling up in the ball ’cause I crawled up in a ball for a long time. But especially for my eldest son because he’s just a little bit more aware that you know we will be sad and we will grieve for a long time forever. But that we will continue moving on as we have to as Nip would want us to.” 

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