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‘It’s a Reminder to Myself’: Tamar Braxton Shares the Reason Behind the Risqué Posts 

Tamar Braxton offered her followers an explanation on March 4, as to why she had been flooding their timelines with provocative uploads weeks before her 45th birthday.

In the Instagram post, Braxton shared a compilation video of her most recent looks along with an affirmation track.

Tamar Braxton gives fans an explanation of why she’s been posting sexy uploads in advance of her 45th birthday in a couple weeks. Photo:tamarbraxton/Instagram

The track said, “I always thought that I was going to find happiness and love out … Another person was going to give that to me; then I realized that’s not how it is at all. You actually get to be happy all by yourself, you know, if you can just kind of appreciate yourself, and know your worth and your value.”

In addition to the recording, Braxton informed her followers that the purpose behind the posts was to showcase herself in a happier state, given a rough couple of years. The “Love and War” songstress dealt with a purported suicide and the end of a romantic relationship in 2020.

She wrote, “Everyone has asked why these naked, sexy pictures well, it’s a reminder to myself that while I love me now, that hasn’t always been the case…. And Tay, look at God, you don’t LOOK like what you have been through!!.. I know it has been questionable and maybe offensive to some, I get it..”

The “Braxton Family Values” reality TV star added, “But I need u to see the purpose. Sometimes U have to get down to nothing, naked or even stripped down to your underwear to build yourself back to a place where you realize … NOW!! This.Is. Love.. being under construction is a beautiful place to be.”

As fans viewed Braxton’s post, many encouraged the star to continue her self-love journey while telling her that she didn’t need to explain herself.

“Own every naked, sexy, beautiful, healthy, healing, fabulous part of yourself… I loooove every version of YOU taking care of YOU…”

“You look good but more than that it sounds like you feel good about yourself. And that’s all that matters! Do you boo!”

“You’re a queen… they question and find it offensive because they are HATERS. Do you BOO!! You are gorgeous!!”

“You owe no one an explanation of who you are!! Continue to love on yourself.”

This post comes a week after fans called Braxton out for sharing a clip of herself in white lingerie.

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