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Keyshia Ka’oir’s Car Collection Receives Mixed Reviews from Fans: ‘She’s Way Too Materialistic!’

Keyshia Ka’oir had fans at odds on social media on Wednesday, Feb. 23, after the entrepreneur shared a post showcasing her collection of cars.

In the Instagram upload, Ka’oir flaunted four luxury vehicles, including her Lamborghinis and Rolls Royces, in a photo and detailed video.

Keyshia Ka’oir received mixed reviews from fans after the star shared her “rainbow” car collection. Photo:@keyshiakaoir/Instagram

She said wh,ile giving fans a closer look at her cars, “Mrs. Davis’ whips. Lamborghini Aventador SV, Lamborghini Urus. All my babies have shoes on them.”

Ka’oir added, as she flaunted her last two cars that were seen on-camera, including different models of her Rolls Royce vehicles: “Brand-new Ghost I just got and my Cullinan. These two cars are iced, Honey.”

Ka’oir informed her followers in the caption that two of her vehicles were missing from the upload. She wrote, “Taste the rainbow #MrsDavisWhips 2 still missin.” As the star’s post circulated online, fans’ reactions toward the upload were mixed.

Some praised Ka’oir for her luxury vehicles, while others condemned her for showing off, and even called her “materialistic.”

“Literally the goat of all this s–t.. Do u hear me .. Damn Mrs.Davis… Chill on us.”

“@keyshiakaoir got more whips than your favorite rapper. Aye @laflare1017 yo woman got taste!”

“Ain’t nobody… I mean nobody doing it like y’all.”

“I like her but I feel like she’s way too materialistic! Like I get it you’re rich and of course you got your own bag but I feel like humbleness is where it’s at. Maybe that could be her motivation to other people idk but, it’s her money so I guess she can do as she pleases!”

“All she do is brag and act materialistic who cares.”

“I feel she wastes too much money.”

“People that are genuinely happy ain’t constantly flexing like this.”

This isn’t the first time, Ka’oir has received flak for flaunting her wealth. Last month, during her 37th birthday celebration, the model revealed her husband Gucci Mane gave her a million dollars in cash as a gift.

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