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‘This is the Sweetest Mommy Daughter Moment’: Fans Are Eating Up Gabrielle Union and Kaavia James’ Take  on The Drop Challenge

Gabrielle Union touched millions of her followers’ hearts on Feb. 20 after uploading her rendition of The Drop dance challenge with her daughter Kaavia James Union Wade.

The Drop,” which includes the intro to Beyoncé’s 2013 single “Partition,” showcases individuals dropping into a squatting position to the song’s beat while glaring at the camera. This trend was first introduced in January by a comedian named Atsuko Okatsuka.

Gabrielle Union’s fans are fawning over her bond with daughter Kaavia James Union Wade as they participate in The Drop challenge. @gabunion/Instagram

In the Instagram video with a title that read “Someone said it’s not a video without Kaavia,” the pair are seen dancing across every inch of what appears to be their home, including the living room, kitchen, and dining room area.

In addition to the dance, Gabrielle and Kaavia decided to incorporate their take on The Drop by adding a spin and the actress’s reaction to the toddler falling on the ground. The clip wraps up with the mother-daughter duo conversing after promoting Bitsy’s food products.

Gabrielle tells Kaavia as the music comes to a complete stop, “Now we can eat it.” The toddler immediately grabs one of the boxes and states, “I’ll eat this one.” When the “L.A.’s Finest” star asked Kaavia if she could eat both of the snack packets, she shuts down Gabrielle’s request by saying, “No, we eat one at a time. This one is Kaavia’s, and this one is yours.”

Gabrielle replied while making a face to the camera, ”That sounds fair.” The recording closes with the pair saying cheers and embracing. As fans began to view the star’s upload, many raved over her bond with her daughter.

“This was so much fun to watch!! I love the interaction with mom and daughter.”

“The best mommy daughter duo.”

“This is the Sweetest Mommy Daughter moment I swear. Thank you for Sharing her with the World.”

“I just love this mother-daughter-duo & forever loving motherhood on you.”

Among the previous remarks, others brought up Kaavia’s reaction to the snacks. One wrote, “Her very thorough instructions I’m so glad that she was born! @kaaviajames makes my day.” Another said, “Let’s get this straight, “this one is Kaavia & this one is yours.”

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