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‘You Almost Gave the Hubby a Heart Attack’: Tia Mowry Causes a Frenzy After Uploading Her Rendition of The Drop Challenge

Tia Mowry‘s latest TikTok shenanigans left fans in shambles on Sunday, Feb. 6, after she participated in The Drop dance challenge. 

This trend, which incorporated the intro to Beyoncé’s 2013 single “Partition,” showcases individuals doing their regular routine when they suddenly drop to a squatting position to the song’s beat while glaring at the camera. The Drop became viral earlier this year when comedian Atsuko Okatsuka danced in front of her grandmother while out in public. 

Tia Mowry left fans in tears after participating in a new TikTok dance challenge called The Drop with her family and makeup team. Photo:@tiamowry/TikTok

Mowry’s TikTok upload starts with the “Family Reunion” star cooking and landing in a squat stance as the beat drops. The video then transitions to the 43-year-old conversing with her husband, Cory Hardrict, before cutting it short by kneeling. 

The clip continues with brief cameo appearances by Mowry’s daughter, Cairo Hardrict, 3, and the actress’ father, Timothy Mowry. “The Game” star’s recording with her toddler went smoothly because she also participated in the challenge. 

As for Mowry’s father, he appeared shocked by his daughter’s actions when she popped a squat after serving him some bread. The recording closes out with Mowry and her makeup team dancing together. 

In addition to the video, Mowry captioned the post, “This is why you can’t take me anywhere!!” As fans began to view the video, many brought up Cory and Timothy’s reactions. 

“Cory was confused but had no complaints.”

“Dad and Cory both like ‘What the hell?'”

(L-R): Tia Mowry participated in The Drop challenge with her Husband Cory Hardrict, daughter Cairo Hardrict, her father Timothy Mowry and her makeup team. Photo:tiamowry/TikTok

“This is the best one I’ve seen yet…..Your hubby and daddy were awesome.”

“It was Cory and your dad for me.”

“It’s the fact that the baby girl & the team got the assignment. You almost gave the hubby a heart attack & Dad was like WTH.”

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