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‘She Ain’t Coming Back with All Those Kids’: Nick Cannon Opens Up About Divorce from Mariah Carey, Admits He Messed Up with His ‘Dream Girl’

Nick Cannon revealed during the Feb. 16, episode of his daytime television show his true intentions when releasing his latest single, “Alone,” which talks about his relationship with his ex-wife Mariah Carey

The former couple began dating in early 2008, and got married months later in April of that same year. Cannon and Carey welcomed two twins, Monroe and Moroccan Cannon, a girl and boy respectively, in 2011. The pair separated in 2014, and ultimately finalized their divorce two years later, in 2016. 

Nick Cannon sets the record straight about the theme behind his Valentine’s Day track, which tackles the topic of his former relationship with his ex-wife, Mariah Carey. Photo:@nickcannon/YouTube

In the show, Cannon shared that his track “Alone,” which is the lead single off his upcoming mixtape, sampled one of his favorite songs by Carey: “Love Takes Time.”

He said, “I dropped a song on my upcoming mixtape. The mixtape is where I get real, raw and personal. I dropped a song on Valentine’s Day for all the people out there that was alone on Valentine’s Day. I did a song called ‘Alone.’ And it sampled one of my favorite Mariah Carey songs ‘Love Takes Time.’ “

As the clip continued, the 41-year-old mentioned how many media outlets misconstrued his song’s message and claimed that his goal behind the single was to get his ex back. “Everybody was saying that this was my song to try to get Mariah back. I know that’s impossible.”

Following that statement, Cannon later clarified that “Alone” was a song about reflection and the acknowledgment process of losing his “dream girl. The song is really about reflection, the process of when somebody, and men we do this a lot, where you realize ‘I really messed up I had probably the greatest situation.’ I had my dream girl, and I messed it up.”

He added, while taking accountability for his part in the demise of his marriage to Carey, “The song wasn’t really about trying to get her back. It was taking ownership of what I did as a man and owning my flaws and expressing it through song.”

As Cannon’s clip went viral, many fans had a lot to say about his comments. A handful of people mentioned that Cannon’s chances of getting Carey back are slim to none because of the many children he has fathered following his divorce. The host of “The Nick Cannon Show” currently is expecting his eighth child.

“With all them Children Nick!! She’s good!”

“She not coming back after dem kids.”

“This is so OD to me . You really had like 15 kids on her with one on the way and you want her back ? I just be lost for words.”

“Nicholas please! You done thawed and impregnated how many chicks. Mimi ain’t going for none of that!”

“She ain’t coming back with all those kids”

In addition to the previous remarks, others commended Cannon for taking acknowledging where he felt he’d gone wrote. One wrote, “At least he’s taking accountability tho.” Another said, “Not too many people can take accountability for their actions, no matter how you decide to do it.”

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