‘Kaavia Was Feeling That Thang’: Gabrielle Union’s Relaxation Video with Daughter Kaavia James Becomes a Hit When Fans Zoom In on the Toddler’s Moves

Gabrielle Union took to Instagram on Feb. 6 to showcase what a typical Sunday is like with her daughter Kaavia James Union Wade.

In the social media post, the pair, who are dressed in their pajamas with beverages at hand, are dancing in what appears to be their living room to Curtis Mayfield’s 1970 single “Move On Up.”

Gabrielle Union uploads a clip of her and her daughter dancing along to Curtis Mayfield’s “Move on Up.” Photo:gabunion/Instagram

As the clip continues, Kaavia James stops moving for a brief moment to toast Union’s glass of wine with her cup of orange juice. As the duo’s cups meet, Union says “cheers,” and the 3-year-old resumes dancing as she moves her knees in an up and downward motion while standing in a stationary position. 

In addition to the video, the “L.A.’s Finest” star captioned the upload, “Sundays With @kaaviajames.” As fans began to view Union’s recording, many couldn’t help but bring up the toddler’s moves. 

“Omg!!! This is just too cute!!! I mean….Kaav is all into it too…cheers, groovin’ and all!! She is soooo adorable!!!”

“That little mama is a WHOLE VIBE!”

“She definitely vibing out on a Sunday.”

“Sis said she has her ‘drink and her 2 step’ lol.”

“Kaavia was feeling that thang.”

Among the dancing remarks, others expressed how much they enjoyed watching videos of Kaavia James. One wrote, “Love this mommy and me moment in time!! #kaaviajames is such a joy to watch. Thank you, for sharing these sweet moments with us @gabunion.”

Another said while mentioning Kaavia James’ personality, “Kaavia is so dang cute! I love watching videos of her. She definitely has a personality full of life.”

Kaavia James and Union’s video comes weeks after the pair made headlines for wearing similar hairpieces while filming an impromptu skit. In the video shared on Jan. 20, Union was seen breaking into character while sitting next to her daughter and telling a fictional story about when the duo went to Belgium. 

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