‘My Baby’s Picked Up Some Bad Habits’: Kevin Hart Abashedly Explains Which Word His 17-Month-Old Daughter Has Picked Up from Him

Comedians Kevin Hart and Ellen DeGeneres chopped it up on a recent episode of “The Ellen Show,” and the Philly native shared some pretty hilarious updates about his toddler.

The daytime television talk show host told Hart, who was there to promote his scripted faux reality series “The Real Husbands of Hollywood,” that she has been keeping up with his life on social media. She mentioned that she heard that his youngest daughter is now talking.

CULVER CITY, CALIFORNIA – FEBRUARY 12: Kevin Hart attends the Fanatics Super Bowl Party at 3Labs on February 12, 2022 in Culver City, California. (Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

After confirming that she is talking now, he shared with his friend some of the wild things that baby Kaori is saying.

“She has a couple of words she puts together,” he chuckled. “Da-da is right there.”

Ellen wanted to know if that was her first word, Hart said, “It was the first one, and even if it wasn’t I would say it was.”

He continued by adding the phrase “No, no, no ” is popular with the tiny tyke. The killer addition to the vocabulary, one that will probably get her in trouble with the nanny or on a playdate with little Kaavia James Union, who would most certainly in her “shady baby” way correct her, is the expletive “sh-t.”

When Hart says it, the live audience starts to explode with laughter and claps.

He cuts them short and says, “Don’t clap. I’m not celebrating it. I am not saying it because I am proud, but sh-t is a good one.”

While Hart might not be proud of it, neuroscientist and author of “Swearing is Good for You: The Amazing Science of Bad Language” Dr. Emma Byrne believes that toddlers should actually learn swear words. She notes that parents should be the first to share them with the kids and not the other pampered friends in their play spaces.

“We’re often told that swearing is outrageous or even offensive, that it’s a sign of a stunted vocabulary or a limited intellect,” an excerpt from her book read. “Dictionaries have traditionally omitted it and parents forbid it. But the latest research by neuroscientists, psychologists, sociologists, and others has revealed that swear words, curses, and oaths, when used judiciously, can have surprising benefits.”

She believes that if parents teach context to the words, it helps the child know when the right time is to use the bad word, allowing them to make better decisions on using the word,

It sounds as if Hart believes that context does matter and that not all bad words are equal — especially considering the tonal emphasis.

He cavalierly noted that his baby was 17 months old and that she heard the words from him. 

“I have a very foul mouth, but it is innocent. I’m not an aggressive curser,” he explained.

He goes on to explain exactly what an aggressive curser is. To him, an aggressive curser is one who uses the bad words in an “off-setting manner,” which he claims his expletives are not. 

Hart has a blended family made up of children from his first wife, comedian Torrei Hart and second wife, Eniko Parrish.

With Torrei, he has a daughter Heaven, 16, and a son Hendrix, 14. His union with Eniko has brought forth Kenzo Kash, 4, and the foul-mouth baby Kaori. 

Hart has four children less than his “RHOH” co-star Nick Cannon, who just announced his eighth child and fourth pregnancy in a year. Hart has defended his friend’s priapic lifestyle, saying that people shouldn’t judge his friend and mind their business.

“The Real Husbands of Hollywood” premiered in February. Surely, fathering will be a punchline in every episode of this third season.

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