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‘Strange Combo’: Joseline Hernandez and Angela Simmons Cause a Commotion After Recent Linkup 

Joseline Hernandez and Angela Simmonsouting on Sunday, Feb. 13, left fans a bit puzzled over the pair’s budding friendship.

In the Instagram post, Hernandez and Simmons, dressed in swimwear attire, are seen jamming along to Nina Simone’s “I Put a Spell on You” and Gunna’s “Pushin P” tracks as they cruised on an unknown body of water in a boat.

Joseline Hernandez and Angela Simmons’ recent outing left fans confused at the pair’s friendship. Photo:@joseline/Instagram

In addition to the recording, Hernandez informed her followers how close the unlikely pair are by writing two peas in the pod in a hashtag alongside a verse from James Brown’s 1966 single “It’s a Man’s Man’s World.”

She said, “but it will nothing without a woman! #twopeasinapod.” As fans began to view the upload, many expressed that they didn’t understand how Simmons and Hernandez could be friends given their different backgrounds in the reality television world.

The differences lie between Hernandez previously starring on the Atlanta and Miami franchises of “Love and Hip Hop” and her current series “Joseline’s Cabaret.” Simmons, who is the daughter of Joseph Simmons (Reverend Run), a practicing minister, starred in various reality shows with her family, including “Run’s House” and “Growing Up Hip-Hop.”

“Strange combo.”

“This is odd.”

“This is a weird link.”

“Didn’t expect this combo but hey.”

“I don’t understand this here lol.”

Among the Simmons and Hernandez’s odd pairing remarks, others expressed how they are accepting of this new friendship despite how different the women may appear onscreen.

One wrote, “Ok I’m here for this friendship!!” Another said, “Opposites attract or how opposite are they really however I’m here for this sistership.” A third person posted, “This is a really weird combo, I’m lost af but to think about it, Angela pops is the king of rock, I guess she has a lil gangsta in her. I’m here for it.”

No additional details about Hernandez and Simmons’ friendship have been released.

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