‘A 50 Year Old Man Got Y’all In Ur Feelings’: Method Man Claps Back at Twitter User’s Post of the Rapper’s Beardless Face After His Good Looks Caused an Uproar on Social Media

Method Man‘s physical appearance became a topic of discussion on Feb. 12 after a Twitter user digitally altered the rapper’s features to make the 50-year-old look unattractive to the general public, namely women.

This post comes as a result of the “Power Book II: Ghost” star causing a commotion on social media over the years for being a sex symbol, and most recently, for gracing the digital cover of Essence magazine.

Method Man Photo:@ticalathletics/Instagram

In the tweet, the user @BigKountry_KB uploaded the changed photo of a barefaced Method Man and begged the question if women were still “choosing” him. The person wrote, “Method Man shaved his beard. y’all ladies still choosing.” The image was taken from the “All I Need” lyricist’s red carpet appearance at the 49th-International Emmy Awards last year.

As the post began circulating online, Method Man responded to the Twitter user by saying, “This is suckas-it…u still hv time to delete it… Love and light, my brother.” Following his response, the Twitter user claimed not to mean any ill intention by posting the snapshot.

Method Man responds to a Twitter user’s digitally altered photo of the rapper to showcase what he would look like with a shaven face. Photo:@theneighborhoodtalk/Instagram

The social media user replied with, “Oh s–t. Bruh, you responded. I didn’t mean anything by it. I was just saying. You know the ladies love the beard.” In return, Method Man reiterated his previous sentiments of deleting the photo by replying, “U still got time to delete this.”

Later that day, after explaining to fans that he caught wind of the post by being tagged on it numerous times, Method Man shared a side-by-side photo of the altered snapshot and the original image. The “How High” star listed the purpose behind his tweet: to call out the individual who posted the edited picture.

Method said in an upload, “U know what’s funny ?! A 50 [year] old man got y’all in ur feelings so bad . U gotta resort to this.. all I send in return is love n light!”

Since then, all posts have been deleted, including the altered photo of Method Man’s beardless face.

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