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‘The Way She Flipped Her Hair Back’: Fans React After Gabrielle Union Uploads a Skit with Daughter Kaavia James In Their Matching Hair Pieces

Gabrielle Union’s fans were left in shambles on Thursday, Jan. 20, after the actress posted an impromptu skit with her daughter, Kaavia James Union Wade.

In the recording, Union, who wore all-black attire with a few jewelry pieces and a half-up, half-down ponytail, was sitting next to the 3-year-old when she broke into character and began telling a story of a time when the pair went to Belgium.

Gabriele Union’s skit with her daughter Kaavia James left fans in tears. Photo:@gabunion/Instagram

While referring to Kaavia James as Latice in a foreign accent, she said, “Oh let me tell you about the time I was in Belgium …Ah me and Latice here. Remember that time girl? At the bar in Belgium? Remember?”

The clip continues with the toddler, who rocked a hairpiece, paying her mother no mind as Union recounted when the character that Kaavia James was supposed to be portraying fell ill. “Remember we were ordering Aperol spritzes, and it upset your tummy? Do you remember? You said ‘I don’t do public restrooms,’ and it was a whole thing in Belgium, remember?”

Toward the end of the recording, Kaavia James joined the conversation by uttering incoherent words while looking at her tablet. In response to the toddler’s actions, Union quipped, “Yes, and that’s how you got out of it.”

In addition to the video, Union captioned the upload, “Can’t take us anywhere!!!! @kaaviajames whhhyyyyyyyyy.”

Dwyane Wade comments on his wife Gabrielle Union’s comedy skit with their 3-year-old daughter Kaavia James. Photo:@gabunion/Instagram

Immediately after Union shared the video, her husband Dwyane Wade commented alongside a laughing emoji, “I can’t leave y’all alone for 2secs.” When fans viewed the clip, many mentioned how Kaavia James’ nonchalant attitude toward the storytime was a ploy to stop the actress from spilling the beans.

“The way Kaavia flipped the hair back she clearly knows you don’t remember the non disclosure agreement about this night lol!”

“Kaav said why you bringing up old news next.”

“Kaavia thought y’all agreed never to bring that up.”

“Kaavia looks like she is pondering: ‘Mommy I do not recall.'”

Among the previous remarks, others claimed that Kaavia James wasn’t listening to her mother because she was checking out her new hairstyle. One wrote, “Kaavia had no time. She was feeling herself.” Another said, “Kaavia is not listening to anything or anyone… she can’t get over how gorgeous she looks.”

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