‘That’s a Terrible Way to Parent’: Gabrielle Union Shares the Struggles of Disciplining Her Daughter Kaavia James While Dealing with ‘Mom Guilt’

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade’s daughter, Kaavia James Union Wade, is now 3 years old and already has a popular personality that’s gained her a fanbase of 1.8 million fans on Instagram.

Kaavia is Union’s first child and only one she has with Wade, and she welcomed her back in 2018 via a surrogate after years of struggling with infertility. Being a first-time mom, Union is learning as she goes with parenting, and on social media sometimes it may appear that her daughter Kaavia runs things. Union admitted in an interview with Yahoo’s “So Mini Ways” that she is a bit of a “softie” when it comes to her daughter because of her “mom guilt.”

Gabrielle Union and her daughter Kaavia James. (Photo: @gabunion/Instagram)

She said the disciplinarian role alters depending on who is at the house. “If Dwyane is home, I’m the softie and he’s the disciplinarian,” she said about the father of four. “If it’s just me, I’m the disciplinarian. If the other kids are home, the dynamic changes again. So it really kind of depends on who’s around.”

However, Union said she lightens up with Kaavia because she doesn’t want her to be upset with her when she already has such little time with her due to work. “And so you tend to let things go that other people who are dealing with it more consistently are looking at you like, ‘You gotta put your foot down!’ and I have a hard time with that, especially if I’ve been away from the house.”

She continued, “sometimes I’m a softie because I just don’t want her to be mad at me, and that’s a terrible way to parent [laughs]. But for the most part, I’m reasonable; I try not to lose it about every little thing.”

Union also mentioned her daughter being able to notice when one is being softer with her. She said, “But she’s also very observant … like she can smell the weakness on you and she will take you for a ride. We’re all — like, our whole village — trying to hold each other down so she can’t divide and conquer. We’re all the bad guy. That is our new goal: We’re all gonna be the bad guy. Nobody gets to be the savior all the time. So I’m working on it.”

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