‘Shady Baby Strikes Again’: Gabrielle Union’s Fans are Left In Stitches After Daughter Kaavia Shares Her Private Schedule

Gabrielle Union‘s daughter Kaavia James Wade had fans hollering on Friday, Nov. 12, after revealing the actress’ specific schedule.

In the Instagram video, the toddler, who was having a conversation with Union’s content creator, Ayanna McKnight, shared while on the kitchen floor that she was waiting for her mother to finish pooping so they could go outside.

Gabrielle Union’s daughter Kaavia James Wade reveals the actress’ private schedule during a recent Instagram video. Photo:@gabunion/Instagram

Kaavia James started the clip by saying, “She’s (Gabrielle Union) pooping.” McKnight responded by asking the 3-year-old why she would publicly disclose her mother’s personal “business.” McKnight said while laughing, “Girl, why are you going to put your mom’s business out like that.”

Kaavia James then reiterated her previous statement before listing more of Union’s other habits. “She’s pooping. She’s washing her hands…She all set!” As the clip continues, the toddler is seen getting up while asking her mother to open the door so they can go outside.

She said as Union appeared on the screen, “She’s going to open the door. Mommy, open the door. Now we go outside now. Let’s go outside!” The recording ends with Union and Kaavia James running to the backyard. In addition to the clip, Union seemed to keep the situation light-hearted by captioning the post, “When I say I can’t take herrrrrrr…
@kaaviajames ladies and gentlemen #ShesPoopin.”

As fans began to view the upload, many mentioned how children are the ones to “air out” their parents’ business.

“It’s the switch up for me she went from putting your business on the front street to acting like your best friend. Shady Baby strikes again.”

“Kids will have all y’all lil business out on the street.”

“She airing out your business.”

“I’m at a loss for words. Welp @gabunion the price of having a toddler. Filter is not in @kaaviajames vocabulary.”

Among the comments about Kaavia James putting Union’s business out there, other people brought up the actress’ appearance after she exited the bathroom. One wrote, “Came out of the bathroom with a spring in her step.” Another said, “Had no idea she just told everybody you were coming out feeling about 10 lbs lighter.”

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