‘That Baby Is Beautiful’: Fans Are Left In Awe After Viewing New Images of Joseline Hernandez’s Daughter Bonnie

Joseline Hernandez took to Instagram on Feb. 4 to showcase her 5-year-old daughter Bonnie Bella Jordan’s latest look.

In the post, the reality star shared various images of Jordan posing for the camera as she flaunted her freshly blow-dried hairdo along with her pink dress with colorful sneakers. As for makeup, Jordan was wearing pink eyeshadow, light blush, and lip gloss.

Joseline Hernandez raves over her daughter Bonnie Bella Jordan’s latest look by sharing a stream of images. @joseline/Instagram

In addition to the photos, Hernandez shared a clip of Jordan modeling in what appears to be a hair salon. Alongside the upload, the “Joseline’s Cabaret” star also thanked hair and makeup artist Joshua Ribadeo for making her daughter happy. 

She wrote, “Thank you @joshuamribadeo, For making @bonniebellahernandez so happy today! my baby is growing up.” As fans began to view Hernandez’s upload, many mentioned how beautiful Jordan looked. 

Joseline Hernandez’s daughter Bonnie Bella Jordan. @joseline/Instagram

“First of all she’s gorgeous second of all it’s the sneakers with the dress for me.”

“She is such a doll.”

“Bonnie Bella is so beautiful.”

“That baby is beautiful look at her little face.”

“Joseline she is so pretty. I can’t take i

Among the compliments, others praised Hernandez for her mothering skills. One wrote, “Joseline is a great mom! I love that she lets her be herself. I love even more the fact she lets her dress herself! Too adorable.” Another said, “I love that she lets her be a kid!! She’s such a good mom!! So pretty.”

A third Instagram user went as far as to commend the 35-year-old for raising Jordan as a “normal child” despite being a celebrity.

That person stated while mentioning age-appropriate attires, “One thing people don’t give @joseline props for is raising her child like a normal child. So many celebrities put their toddlers in weaves and clothes that show them like they 18. They tiny let them be a kid!”

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