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‘Awwwww Melt My Heart’: Fans Rave Over Joseline Hernandez’s 3-Year-Old Daughter Painting and Singing Jackson 5 Song

Joseline Hernandez‘s 3-year-old daughter Bonnie Bella stole the spotlight on Friday after the “Love and Hip Hop” cast member shared an Instagram Story of Bonnie singing the Jackson 5’s 1970 classic “ABC.”

The mother of one asked Bonnie at the beginning of the video as she paints a picture while singing the word masterpiece, “That’s your masterpiece? You made a song about it.” The doting tot responded, “Yes, this is my masterpiece.” As the clip goes on, the 3-year-old changes her tune and sings her own rendition of the 1970s classic “ABC.” Many fans gushed over the adorable toddler while also applauding Joseline for being a great mom.

“I love me some Bonnie Bella😍😩 The Puerto Rican Princess is one hell of a mother💪🏽 you go Joseline👩‍👧🏆.”

“Joseline literally gave birth to the most precious baby! Omg you can tell she does everything in her power to let Bonnie know she’s loved! ❤️😩.”

“Joseline doin the mommy thang💪🏽 go gurl.”

“Awwwww 💕 melt my heart.”

While the majority of the fans focused on Joseline’s parenting skills, a few noticed how much Bonnie Bella has grown. One wrote, “Omg, she got so biggg. 😩😩 😍😍” Another pointed out that the 3-year-old had lost a tooth: “Oh boy! And I see she lost one tooth😝 , big girl❤️,” they cheered.

“I love the fact that she knows how to speak two languages already,” one follower said while reminiscing about a 2018 video the reality star posted of the duo speaking Spanish.

In the clip, Joseline, who is of Puerto Rican descent, taught Bonnie her native language by asking her then 1-year-old daughter a series of questions such as her name, and age. Given her age, people were amazed at how clearly and eagerly she responded with a huge smile on her face. The mother of one captioned the recording “Mi Mejor Trabajo,” which is translated into “my best work” in English.

Since then the toddler has captivated many hearts with her outgoing personality. Her most recent appearance was on Thanksgiving when Joseline uploaded a video of the family’s meal — that her fiancé Robin “DJ Balistic Beats” Ingouma prepared — that showed Bonnie sticking her tongue out in the background.

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