‘What You Finna Do’: 2 Chainz Calls Out Uber After Claiming Driver Tried to Put Out His Wife and Kids ‘In the Snow’

Uber faces a second celebrity-involved custom service-related incident in less than a week following an alleged incident involving 2 Chainz’s wife and their children. 

In a post uploaded to the 44-year-old rapper’s Instagram account on Saturday, Jan. 29, 2 Chainz’s wife Kesha Epps could be heard profanely berating a man in a scene that appears to have been shot at a hotel’s drop-off circular driveway. In the 18-second video clip, a woman — presumably Epps — calls the man a “p-ssy,” calls for a security guard to get her children, and appears to tell another person to “spray that n-gga, Moe.”

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – DECEMBER 18: Kesha Epps and 2 Chainz attend 38th Annual Atlanta UNCF Mayor’s Masked Ball at Atlanta Marriott Marquis on December 18, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

“Hey @uber we need to get this right,” the “Money Maker” emcee wrote in the caption. “A driver was very disrespectful to my wife and kids and tried to put them out in the snow.” He did not explain where or when this incident happened, what took place before the video clip starts, or how exactly his family was being stranded “in the snow.”

Nonetheless, some fans and public figures eagerly swallowed the rapper’s narrative and slammed the service provider in the post’s comments section, including former Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, who vowed to boycott the company altogether. “Deleting the @Uber app now. Done,” he wrote. “Let us know if this is resolved to your wife’s satisfaction.”

“Imagine booking a ‘5.0’ rated @Uber lx for your family and then being treated with 0 respect,” wrote another person before offering his deepest apologies for their experience.  “@2chainz @peaepps I’m sorry yal went through this,” he added. 

A third person called out the company, writing, “@uber this not right and you know it , and this gotta be investigated.” A fourth critic recalled an earlier incident, “First uber eats with snoop now this @uber messing up.”

Snoop Dogg had his own issues with another extension of Uber earlier this week when a driver failed to deliver his order after texting the “Gin and Juice” rapper “This is not a safe place,” before taking off with the emcee’s food. 

“Muthaf-cker from f-cking Uber Eats didn’t bring my f-cking food talking about he arrived,” the 50-year-old emcee snapped in the 12-second clip. “‘This is not a safe place.’ Punk muthaf-cker, where my food at, n-gga? You got all my god damn money, punk.”

Snoop later called on Uber Eats’ competitor Postmates to “holla at me.” Uber has yet to respond to the allegations raised in either incident.

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