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‘Gotta Love Seeing a Good Black Man Being a Father’: 2 Chainz Launches Podcast with 6-Year-Old Son

Rapper 2 Chainz and his 6-year-old son, Halo, launched a new podcast on June 2 called “Me and Halo,” and a clip of the latest episode shared by the 44-year-old rapper had fans gushing over the adorable father-son relationship.  

The “Mercy” rapper, whose born name is Tauheed K. Epps, told his son on the video that he was his co-host, and Halo gave an adorable response. “I don’t really know what a co-host is but Im’a just go with it.” 

Gotta Love Seeing a?Good Black Man Being a?Father': 2 Chainz Launches Podcast with 6-Year-Old Son
2 Chainz and his son, Halo, during their podcast, “Me and Halo” (Photo: @2chainz / Instagram)

Epps also asked Halo if he thought his daddy was a millionaire during the podcast, and the adorable 6-year-old nonchalantly replied, “For sure. How else did you think we got these Rolex watches?” Epps replied, “Pop it, champ.”

Fans loved the little man’s co-hosting skills and were impressed with his natural talent.

“If #Bossmode was a person lmaooo,” wrote one fan. “This young king is already on the way to greatness!” Another liked Halo’s vibe. “Halo is a whole vibe.” 

“Toni the kid has the energy, charisma and he’s ready for the [tv emoji],” noted another.

“Adorable! Great father-son relationship,” one fan replied. “Gotta love seeing a good Black man being a father,” added another. “Literally smiled ear to ear when I saw this. Dope champ,” replied one.

“Yooooo this is hilarious,” one fan declared. Another fan replied they’d found their summer vibe. “Pop it champ is my mood all summer.” 

“‘I don’t know what a co-host is but Im’a run with it.’ love it,” noted one.

“It’s really the love between them,” agreed another fan.

“Halo is a star,” added someone else.

The proud dad wrote a caption with the video posted on June 2 announcing the podcast.  

“My kids use to watch other kids play on you tube, So Then I thought, Who can be the kid that inspires and teaches thru everyday mature conversations, while also showing the relationship between father and son? (Me and Halo).” 

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