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‘This Is an Important Matter’: Fans Side with Keke Palmer When She Puts Postmates on Blast

Keke Palmer is tired of fighting with Postmates and has taken to social media to express her grievances with the delivery service in hopes of reaching a compromise.

The “Hustlers” actress revealed that after reporting a failed delivery that she was charged for to her bank in 2016, she was banned from being able to place orders on the platform and, to her surprise, is still locked out of her account five years later.

Keke Palmer wants to know “What’s good?” with Postmates. Photo: @keke/Instagram

“I forgave y’all for the wrongful charge now just forgive me so we can move forward. I’m tired of the back n forth 🤕 @postmates Sincerely, KP xox,” she captioned her video.

Palmer appeared to be on a set when she recorded the complaint on Feb. 15, and went into detail about her experience with the company. “This is the last time I’m going to call this out…Postmates, what’s good?” she asked. “In 2016 somebody said they dropped my food off and they didn’t. I called fraud on my card. I did! I called fraud, they let the payment go through, and ever since then, y’all won’t let me order nothing no more? I literally just, in 2021, what’s the year, 2021, I got back on Postmates, I said ‘It’s going to be a new start. We gon’ get a clean slate.”

The 27-year-old television personality went on to detail how she placed her order and the payments appeared to go through, but to her confusion the transaction was canceled shortly afterward when according to Palmer they “realized I was the same person from 2016.”

The “Scream Queens” actress admitted that she really just wants to “throw everything in the past in the past” with the brand and have her account unlocked, but whether that will happen remains to be seen.

Palmer’s Postmates fiasco didn’t put too much of a damper on her day, however. Shortly after sharing her Postmates call-out on Instagram, she revealed her next big project. Palmer has been tapped by none other than “Get Out” and “Us” producer Jordan Peele to star in his upcoming secret film project.

Fans felt her pain and chimed in with words of sympathy and some even shared their own negative food delivery experiences out of solidarity.

“They said if it’s up then it’s STUCK sis😭”

“Time to boycott Postmates beloveds 😂”

“Not 2016 Keeksss, they holding a 5 year grudge on you… nah switch over to Door Dash Ne-owwww‼️😘”

“This is an important matter😂postmates”

“Switch to DoorDash queen”

Hopefully Keke finds a way to get her food and goods reliably delivered to her because at the time of this writing, Postmates has yet to respond to her claims.

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