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2 Chainz Gets Into the Legal Marijuana Game With ‘Gas California’

2 Chainz threw his hat into the legal marijuana game, and he just introduced a new brand called “Gas California.”

He partnered with cannabis marketing company Green Street Agency, and the product will be sold at Westside dispensary in Van Nuys, Calif. The rapper talked about the brand and how he came up with the name during a recent Gas launch party.

2 Chainz Releases New Cannabis Brand Called "Gas California."

“It’s Atlanta lingo that we use that basically signifies that this is a stronger type of flower, a stronger cannabis,” he told the Los Angeles Times. “I’ve been saying it since I came into the rap game, and I’ve used it in a few verses of a few songs.”

“At first people were like, ‘What do you mean by [the line] ‘Gas in the ashtray?’ After it caught on and basically went mainstream, I figured why veer off from what got me here? So we started a legal line of cannabis called Gas,” added Chainz.

The Atlanta native also said the brand follows a concept, which is why he used lookalike gas tanks for packaging and gave each strain very specific names. Consumers can purchase 93 Octane, which is the most potent, 89 Octane and 87 Octane. The product comes in both flower form (buds) or pre-rolled joints.

Chainz said he approached Gas just like he does his music, in terms of fleshing out a  concept so whatever he’s offering can be easily recognized. 

“I approached this the way I do in my music — which was come up with the concept and follow all the way through with it,” he explained. “So when you have Gas, you have to have the gas cans and the imagery that actually represents the gas pumps and things that tie in to the brand itself. I think that gives it legs, gives it a little more substance and sustainability.

“And I used these colors because I knew they would be very catching and appealing to the eye, and I know that I will kind of have to muscle my way in as far as getting where I need to be on [dispensary] shelves these days. I figure I could be on the back of the shelf and you could still see this green, this yellow and this black packaging,” he added.

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