‘He Said Boy If You Don’t Make It In Rap, I’ma Leave You Something’: 2 Chainz Discovers Late Father’s Hidden Cash Stashed In the Basement of His Home

Rapper Tauheed K. Epps aka 2 Chainz, recently found a large sum of money that was stashed away by his later father, Mr. B. 

In an Instagram story uploaded by the Georgia native, fans can see him shuffling through a large bag of perfectly rolled-up bills. 

2 Chainz discovers his late father’s hidden cash in his home. (Pictured: @2chainz/Instagram.)

“Quick story, my uh, I had a busted pipe in the basement, they fixed my basement and they found umm I guess this was my pop’s old stash, before he passed,” 2 Chainz said as he continued to sort his father’s money.

As the “I’m Different” rapper continued to record this hidden supply, fans could hear voices in the background, saying, “When he did this, this is before you was born.” 

“RIP POPS,” he wrote over top of his video.

In his next story, 2 Chainz created a boomerang of him running his hands through the compiled bills. 

It seemed as if fans were just as surprised as 2 Chainz, as shown in comments they posted under The Shade Room’s upload of the video.

“I wish I could find random money in my house that I forgot”

“Pops was smart. These banks started robbing people blind”

“He said boy if you don’t make it on rap, I’ma leave you something!”

2 Chainz’s father passed away in 2012, just as he was preparing to drop his highly anticipated album, “B.O.A.T.S II: Me Time.” 

In a 2013 interview with Angie Martinez, the “Mercy” rapper reflected on his special relationship with his father.

“My pop was actually my best friend, I don’t have any brothers or sisters you know, uh, best friends. So, so me and him had a kind of relationship to where you know I told him you know things I wouldn’t have told anybody else,” he explained. 

The 45-year-old revealed that he was with his father “the whole time when he passed” while still carrying all of the responsibilities of an artist. 

“Then it’s like ‘Man you have a tour to do, you have an album about to come out.’” 

There’s no doubt 2 Chainz had great admiration for his father, and now he receives great admiration from fans for his relationship with his own son, Halo Epps. 

2 Chainz and Halo launched their new podcast back in June 2022, titled “Me and Halo,” and the father/son duo have melted fans’ hearts ever since. The very first episode had over 21,600 views.

2 Chainz shares Halo with his wife, Kesha Ward, along with two other children: 14-year-old Heaven Epps and 10-year-old Harmony Epps.

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