‘You Driving Logan Crazy’: Tamar Braxton Struggles to Sing Like Jacquees, Fans Zero In On Son Logan

While Tamar Braxton is a wonderful singer and can even imitate other legendary singers, including her sister Toni Braxton, there may be a few singers she can not imitate.

Braxton posted a Jan. 16 Instagram video where she does what she always does best — sing. However, this time Braxton seemed to struggle with a few of the notes. Braxton, who is the youngest of the Braxton siblings, is seen in the video attempting to copy R&B singer Jacquees’ “eee, eee” run with her sister Toni in the background recording.

Tamar Braxton. (Photo: @tamarbraxton/Instagram)

The video starts with her telling her sister, “I was in the bathroom trying to figure out like Jacquees run, like, I can’t catch it.” She proceeds to practice the riff, and in the middle of her singing the “eee, eee,” her 8-year-old son Logan can be heard in the background singing “Oh no!”

The “Unbreak My Heart” singer suddenly laughs and says “Tamar.” Braxton continues to try the run and says, “that’s not it.” After another attempt, she sits down on the bed and says, “No, that’s not it. I can’t catch it!”

Toni continues to laugh, which leads Braxton to laugh with her. Braxton playfully slaps her hands on her knees, gets up, and says, “I ain’t trying to be funny, I want to get it, Toni.”

“I’m serious,” she says right before the video ended.

Explaining why Toni seemed to be tickled at her sister’s attempt at the run, Braxton wrote in the caption: “@tonibraxton has been laughing at me cause I’ve been trying to get this run for about an hour.”

She then went on to praise Jacquees to show that she was coming from a place of love with the video. The “Hot Sugar” singer said, “Can’t nobody do a @jacquees run. That’s why I enjoy him so much🥰 I love him yall👑Who gone show me?? 😩😩😩😩#eeeeeechallenge”

Many fans focused on Logan’s outburst in the video, assuming that he was responding to her singing. One person said, “You driving Logan crazy.” Another wrote, “Meanwhile, Logan is exhausted.”

Someone else laughed at Braxton’s body language while singing the note. They said, “It’s the lean with the ‘note’ tho.” Others thought Braxton was faking her inability to catch the note. One wrote, “Girl you know you can blow it. Tamar stop playing.”

Maybe Jacquees will be open to teaching her how he does it.

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