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‘The Bow Wow Hate Gotta Stop’: Fans Rallied Behind Bow Wow After the Rapper Shared He Wishes He’d ‘Never Touched Music’

Bow Wow‘s fans showed support to the rapper on Wednesday, Jan. 26, following his expressing during a Q&A session on Twitter that he wished he’d never entered the music industry.

The “Like You” emcee’s response comes days after he became a trending topic on the social media app when users claimed they couldn’t list three of his hit songs in a hypothetical life-or-death scenario

Bow Wow’s fans show love to the rapper after he tweeted he wished he’d never touched music. Photo:@shadmoss/Instagram

The Twitter post Bow Wow replied to came from a follower that asked the 34-year-old what he would have changed about being in the “music business” if he could go back in time. The tweet read, “@smoss Do you have any regrets [in] the music business. If you could have done it all again, what would you change?”

Bow Wow stated that he would’ve “never touched music” and focused on acting. He wrote, “Just been an actor and never touched music.” As the “Let Me Hold You” lyricist’s remarks began circulating online, many expressed how influential Bow Wow has been since rising to fame at 13 years old with his hit debut album “Beware of the Dog.”

In addition to the praise, other individuals requested that the bashing on Bow Wow’s rap career cease.

“Smh. The guy is a goat of his era yet due to the constant internet trolling (some people do) he’s feeling this way. Man’s live show is beyond fire. And his catalog isn’t to be taken lightly. Crown up.”

“Bow Wow’s music was a huge part of my childhood. Let’s not act like they did not nicknamed him Mr. 106 and park.”

“See that’s what we not gone do. Bow Wow is corny, but he’s great at his craft and he created a lane for young artists like him. Say what you want but he’s an icon to me.”

“The Bow Wow hate gotta stop…”

“Y’all got this man regretting his music decisions & he actually had HITS . This generation so trash.”

Later that day, Bow Wow clarified his previous sentiments about not wanting to enter the music industry in a follow-up tweet after a user brought up how sad they were by his remarks because he has “accomplished so much” as a rapper.

The Twitter user said, “This is sooo sad! @smoss you should be proud of your career! You accomplished so much!! ‘No Ragrets.'” The father of two wrote, “Hell yeah i am. What you talking bout? Sad? Huh? Why u think im so comfortable giving up music? IVE DONE IT ALL.”

Bow Wow has released seven studio albums and sold over 10 million copies worldwide. His final project, “Before 30,” has yet to be released.

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