‘Guessing He Be on Time’: Fans Joke About Bow Wow and Ray J Doing Business Together After Ray J Blasted Anonymous Person for Tardiness

Singer Ray J and rapper Bow Wow have a new business venture in the works.

Bow Wow recorded a video of himself on a private plane, with the “One Wish” singer seemingly tired out from wherever they were coming from. In the Jan. 7 clip, Bow Wow wiped his face before letting out a sigh and saying, “I’m done. I don’t even know how Ray surviving.”

Ray J (left) and Bow Wow (right). (Photos: @rayj/Instagram, @shadmoss/Instagram)

Ray, who seemed to have all the energy that Bow Wow didn’t, came close to the camera, saying he was “excited” to “make some money.”

Neither gave too much context as to what they are working on together and Bow Wow continued being cryptic in his caption, writing nothing but “We are baaaaack.” Ray J, on the flip side, wrote a lot more in his caption when he reposted the same video and explained that the two have a TV deal that they are working on.

He wrote, “Business trip with @shadmoss to finalize our tv deal. —- We’ve always motivated each other to stay on top of these major opportunities we have as investors and disrupters—- Quick trip to east coast to meet some new partners and sign off on some last things. I’ll be back in Vegas by supper time lol — Stay tuned for this MAJOR PLAY WE MAKING! #Gamechanger More info on the way soon. #StayFocued #tron #tv.”

Seeing how both men had two very different reactions in the video, fans couldn’t help but to make fun of Bow Wow, born Shad Moss. “So I’m guessing he be on time for his meetings,” said one person, while another wrote, “Guess it was you he put on blast indirectly.”

These commenters are referring to Ray J’s Jan. 6 Instagram video where he complained about people’s tardiness when it comes to having business meetings. Toward the end of the 68-second video, he said, “So look, if we schedule a time just be on time. If not, don’t ever schedule a time with me again, because, listen, it’s 2022. Don’t waste my f-cking time, dawg.”

Speaking into the camera the entire video, Ray J never mentioned who the message might have been intended for. But he reiterated in the caption that people who cannot respect being on time for scheduled meetings should “stop pretending to be on my level.”

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