‘The Disrespect!’: Bow Wow Trends When Fans Claim They Can’t List Three of His Hit Songs

Bow Wow became a trending topic on Jan. 23 after fans were given a hypothetical life-or death scenario on Twitter to list his songs.

The “Like You” emcee started rapping at the age 6 and rose to fame at 13 following his successful debut album “Beware of the Dog” in 2000.

Bow Wow becomes a trending topic after fans are given a life-or-death scenario in which they are forced to list three of the rapper’s hit songs. (Photo: @shadmoss/Instagram)

Since then, Bow Wow has released seven studio albums and went on to sell over 10 million records worldwide. The rapper’s upcoming final project, “Before 30,” which is set to feature ten new tracks, has yet to be given a release date. 

In the post, a Twitter user named @mellyVswizik started the conversation by asking their followers if they were held at gunpoint by an unidentified individual and were tasked to list three of Bow Wow’s tracks, would they accomplish that goal?

The tweet read, “Imagine a n–a puts a gun to your head and tells you to name 3 Bow Wow songs.”As fans began to view the post, the answers varied from song names, many claiming they would be executed, to others defending Bow Wow’s legacy in the music industry. 

“Take me to the king cuz s–tttt.”

“Literally every mf in that situation.”

“The disrespect! like he didn’t have all da girls in Elementary school in a frenzy Puppy Love , Bounce Wit me , Take Ya Home, Let’s Get Down, Basketball, I Wanna Thank You, Fresh As Am Iz, If you didn’t really follow HipHop as a youngster just say dat lol.”

“Bow Wow has over 15 Number 1 Hits & more then a couple platinum albums. Not to mention he been in the game for almost 3 decades. If you don’t know at least 3 songs then you was living under a rock yo whole childhood.”

On Jan. 24, Bow Wow took to his official Twitter page to respond to the social media frenzy. He jokingly said while claiming he would begin lying about his age, “Damn I’m only 34 and y’all can’t name 3 of my songs I’m bout to start telling ppl I’m 56.” 

This isn’t the first time Bow Wow’s rap career made headlines. Last year, in an Instagram video, the father of two explained why he decided to retire from the rap industry, days following his Verzuz battle with Soulja Boy.

He said while explaining the technical difficulties he encountered prior to the show, “Yall n–s see why I don’t wanna rap no f–king more, this is exactly why. I’m at peace, man. I like hosting my s–t making more money than half of yall rap n–s. I like doing my podcast on Fox. This s–t right here is the No. 1 reason why a n–a don’t wanna rap no more.”

Bow Wow added, “This is the reason why I do movies and so much other s–t, because the rap s–t bring stress.I don’t like no motherf–king stress. I haven’t been stressed all mother f–king year up until right now doing some — what? — some rap s–t. That’s what I be trying to say. This is why I don’t f–k with this s–t, bruh. I do not f–k with rap. I hate doing this s–t.”

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