‘I’d Never Done It That Way’: Halle Berry Explains What She Did Differently When She First Started Dating Van Hunt That She’s ‘Never’ Done In Previous Relationships

Halle Berry and Van Hunt’s relationship has been in the spotlight on several occasions since the couple confirmed their union in September 2020. Neither of them has stated yet how they met, but Berry has hinted several times that Hunt is the one and how happy she is with him in comparison to her previous relationships.

She told AARP in a Jan. 27, video, that when they were getting to know each other, they strictly spoke on the phone without seeing each other in person. Hinting that the two became acquainted with each other sometime during the beginning of the pandemic she said, “Because of COVID, we spent four months talking on the phone. We were forced to only let our brains connect and discover if we had a connection before our bodies decided to get involved. I’d never done it this way.”

Halle Berry and Van Hunt cuddled up Photo: @halleberry/Instagram

The three-time divorcee explained that starting their relationship off this way is what made her grow fond of him. “We talked for hours and hours and hours and hours and never got tired. I fell in love with his mind, his conversation. I realized: I really like him. I really liked who he was, and I can’t say I felt that way before. I really believe I’ve found my person. I fell in love with him before I even met him.”

In a previous interview, Berry talked about how her 8-year-old son, Maceo, whom she welcomed with her ex-husband Olivier Martinez, held a type of wedding ceremony for her and Hunt. “I think he finally sees me happy, and it’s infectious. It was his way of saying, ‘This is good. I like this. This makes me happy,’ ” she said.

Berry also said in the previous interview that the “ceremony” took place in the car when her son said, “Mom, you should get married to him” and followed up with “I pronounce you man and wife.”

To AARP, she said, “It was a very real moment for all of us. I teared up, Van was fighting back tears. Even Maceo knew he’d said something poignant. It meant a lot to us. I have two children with two different fathers. Van has a son. As a mom living this modern, blended family, all I care about is that my kids are OK with the decisions I’m making.”

The two are not actually married yet, despite making everyone think they were on New Year’s Day, but it seems their relationship is going strong nonetheless.

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