‘You Better Tell Them Ya Mama Been That Girl’: Charlie Rivera’s Throwback Video of Her Mother Tammy Rivera Left Fans Raving Over the Star’s Looks

Tammy Rivera‘s daughter Charlie Rivera uploaded a throwback compilation video of her mother on Tuesday, Jan. 18, in honor of a TikTok trend called “Y’all Were Raised by Karens, I Was Raised By.”

The purpose of the challenge, created in 2020, is to showcase the TikTok user’s parents. The clip would start with a short intro of the individual and the term “Y’all Were Raised by Karens, I Was Raised By” written across the screen alongside the name of their parent or guardian. The user followed it up with a series of photos and recordings of the said parent to the background track “Bang Bang Bang Bang” by Sohodolls.

Charlie Rivera uploads throwback photos of her mother Tammy Rivera in honor of a TikTok challenge. Photo:@charliesangelll/Instagram

Charlie’s post included several never-before-seen photos of Tammy and other images the reality star had previously shared on her personal Instagram account. A day after the 16-year-old’s upload, Tammy reposted the recording on her Instagram account with a special message to her daughter

She wrote, “@tammiesangel you better tell them ya mama been that girl lol! … You that girl, now you done took my whole body and face.” As fans viewed the clip, many were left mesmerized by Tammy’s beauty. 

“Been that, still that.”

“Tammy been fine and beautiful.”

“Looks and bawdy been elite.”

“Whew the finest woman on this planet.”

“Having Tammy as a mom is like the most COLOSSAL flex.”

In addition to the compliment, others pointed out how similar Charlie and Tammy looked. One wrote, “Even in the throwback pics I feel like Charlie took some of ya style from back then too lol. Y’all are really twins fr.” Another said, “LAWD the genetics is strong!”

A social media user seemed to have trouble figuring out if the throwback images of Tammy were her or Charlie because of the pair’s strong resemblance. That person wrote, “Idk if that’s pictures of Charlie or Tammy. They are the same person.”

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