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‘I Thought This Was Charlie’: Tammy Rivera’s Throwback Post Has Fans Confusing the Star with Her Teen Daughter

Tammy Rivera‘s stroll down memory lane on Nov. 12 went left after fans mistook the reality star for her 16-year-old daughter Charlie Rivera.

In honor of Flashback Friday, an internet trend where social media users share nostalgic posts, Tammy uploaded an image with an unidentified friend as she reminisced about how style has evolved.

Tammy Rivera’s throwback post has fans mistaking the reality star for her teenage daughter Charlie Rivera. @charliesangelll/Instagram

The “Waka and Tammy” star said without disclosing her age in the throwback photo, “#FbF Back when we wore our natural hair, plastic Jewelry, and bright eyeshadow.” As fans began to view Tammy’s post, many bypassed her caption and zoomed in on how identical she looked to Charlie. 

“Your daughter is your twin.”

“I thought this was Charlie…”

“Whewwwww lord Charlie is your identical twin. Thought this was her at first.”

A younger Tammy Rivera (left) and her daughter Charlie Rivera (right). (Photos: @charliesangelll/Instagram/ @tammiesangel/Instagram)

“Looking just like Charlie.”

“You dead azz gave Charlie your whole vibe!! Face, body, everything. Genes TOO strong baby.”

Among the comparison remarks, other people pointed out how Tammy appeared to not have aged. One wrote, “You haven’t aged, you still look the same, just a little bit more mature, but man black don’t crack. Beautiful queen.”

Another said the only difference from the throwback to a present-day photo of Tammy is her body. “Dang Tammy, you look exactly the same. You have not changed except your body. You were a little thin back then. Now you are a lot thicker than you were when you were younger.”

This isn’t the first time that Tammy’s figure was the topic of conversation. Last week, the reality star turned heads when she posted a seductive image in a jumpsuit. In addition to the photo, Tammy also shared a slow-motion walking video as she showcased her voluptuous derriere.

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