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In a Resurfaced Clip Nick Cannon Talks Near-Death Experience, Fans Think It Explains His Seven Children

A years’-old radio interview for Nick Cannon has fans thinking up reasons as to why the 40-year-old actor-comedian has fathered seven children by different women.

On June 22, a clip of Cannon talking about his battle with lupus kidney disease and his near-death experiences resurfaced. In 2017, he shared on “The Howard Stern Show” that he feels like he’s “running out of time” and said, “Every time I think I’m doing good then I got to go back to the f—ing hospital.”

Nick Cannon speaks onstage during the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce 2019 State of The Entertainment Industry Conference held at Lowes Hollywood Hotel on November 21, 2019 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Michael Tran/Getty Images)

The Wild ‘N Out host was diagnosed with lupus in 2012 after experiencing some trouble breathing and swelling in his knees. “I don’t fear death; I welcome it,” he told Stern. “I got to a space now where it’s like I’m probably going to die sooner than most people.” While laughing he said, “But I’m living life like f–k I might die in the morning so let’s f–k all night.” Cannon also shared that one of the previous times he was hospitalized the doctors told him “I don’t understand how you’re still alive. You have two blood clots in your lung and one in your heart.”

Stern then asked Cannon, “But Nick what if the doctors are wrong, and now you’re a 90-year-old man with 100 kids.” Cannon replied with a laugh “That’s f–king amazing. Then I’m like Job from the Bible.”

The 40-year-old’s name has been trending quite often lately, after it was reported that he will be soon welcoming baby number seven, the latest baby with a model named Alyssa Scott. Cannon just welcomed two twin boys with International DJ Abby De La Rosa on June 14. Before that, he had a daughter and a son with model Brittany Bell, and his marriage to Mariah Carey led to twins as well.

While many fans figured Cannon’s old Howard Stern clip could explain why he continues to procreate, they also believe it still isn’t acceptable to do. One person said, “But all the broken homes…” and another wrote, “Why are we joking about this though? This is such a selfish move. I love Nick, but money doesn’t compensate for the presence of a father. I’d give up everything I had to hug mine again. 💔” Another follower asked “Ok. I understand that, but why with multiple women?”

Others shrugged their shoulders to the matter, and believe since Cannon has the financial ability to take care of the children, there shouldn’t be an issue. Cannon has not spoken specifically on the matter of fathering seven children with different women.

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