‘Y’all Look Like Three Sisters’: Tami Roman Stuns Fans with a 10-Year Challenge Featuring Her Daughters

Tami Roman took to Instagram on Jan. 9 to participate in the 10-year photo challenge with her daughters Lyric and Jazz Anderson.

The social media trend occurs when an individual uploads two photos in a collage. It must consist of a present-day image and a 10-year-old pic. The purpose of this challenge is to highlight the differences between the snapshots. Depending on the year they were born, the contrast is significantly great for most people.

Tami Roman (center on both photos) participates in the 10-year challenge with her daughters Jazz (left on both photos) and Lyric Anderson (right on both photos). Photo:tamiroman/Instagram

In the post, Roman is seen hugging both her daughters as the trio poses for the camera. Although details surrounding the first photo, including when it was taken, are unclear, the second image was originally shared on the reality star’s page in 2019.

Along with the side-by-side pics, Roman captioned the upload, “#tenyearchallenge with my babies #3dahardway #forlife @jazzanderson #lyricchanel.” As fans viewed the 51-year-old’s image, many mentioned how the group looked like sisters rather than mother and daughter. 

“Gorgeous girls all looking like sisters.” 

“Y’all look like three sisters.”

“You seriously look like one of their sisters.”

“You went from looking like they momma to now y’all look like sisters.”

“You looking like they sister!! Beautiful! I just love my my people we age like fine wine.”

Tami Roman’s solo 10-year photo challenge. Photo:@tamiroman/Instagram

In addition to the “sisters” remarks, other people pointed out how youthful Roman looked. One wrote, “10 years chile this look like yesterday you DONT AGE AT ALL love you for you.” Another said, “Sheesh, Tami girl, you’re aging backward. You look good, all y’all look good.” 

An Instagram user even asked the star which of the two photos is from 10 years ago because of Roman’s similar appearance. That person wrote, “Ok so which pic is from 10 years ago @tamiroman cuz you still look the same, sis.” 

Prior to participating in the 10-year challenge with her daughters, Roman uploaded a solo image. Roman’s first photo was a promo pic from “Basketball Wives,” while the other was from a 2019 photo shoot

In the caption, she informed her fans that despite the many years between both pics, her posture didn’t change. Roman said, “#tenyearchallenge I still stand the same I only got TEN poses.”

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