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‘This Shouldn’t Have to be Explained’: Tami Roman’s Fans Are Baffled After She Was Forced to School Her ‘Real World’ Co-Stars on Usage of the N-Word

Tami Roman‘s fans were left stunned on Dec. 29 after the reality star had to educate her white and Hispanic “The Real World: Homecoming” co-stars on the usage of the N-word.

“The Real World: Homecoming” season 2 reunited cast members from the original “The Real World: Los Angeles,” which included Roman, Beth Anthony, Beth Stolarczyk, David Edwards, Glen Naessens, Irene Berrera-Kearns, and Jon Brennan. “The Real World: Los Angeles” first aired back in 1993.

Tami Roman. (Photo: @tamiroman/Instagram)

The commotion began toward the end of the episode, which premiered the day before on Paramount Plus, after Roman asked Berrera-Kearns about her experience during the Black Lives Matter protests following the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. Floyd and Taylor were killed in 2020 by police officers.

Although Berrera-Kearns, who works for the Los Angeles police department, replied that she stood for the protests and their meaning, she also disclosed that she didn’t speak up against other bad cops in the past. When Roman shifts the conversation to a second cast member, Jon Brennan, a white man from the South, for his opinion on the topic, Brennan then referred to the children he mentors as “Black-colored.”

The situation quickly went downhill after Roman’s other co-star Glen Naessens, a white man, shared that he too can understand why Roman was incredibly passionate about the subject because of an experience he encountered with his black friend John. Naessens said while claiming he and John were called a racial slur.

“The first time I really felt what you’re passionate about was when I was with my friend John, and I went to a pizza place, right? And they called him a n–r.”

As Naessens wrapped up his statement, Roman responded, “You don’t say that.” She explained to Naessens that he could have used the particular term “N-word” while sharing his story that included his friend John being addressed as a racial slur. “I’m saying that you can say he was called the N-word.”

When Naessens failed to understand Roman’s frustration with him using the racial slur by trying to defend his actions, the 51-year-old quipped, “You don’t understand what I’m saying to you that the word n–r should not come out of your white a– mouth.”

Berrera-Kearns then jumped in, trying to help Roman by telling Naessens that he doesn’t know what it means to be the n-word because he is a white man. While repeating the racial slur, she said, “You have no idea what it is to be a n–r!” Berrera-Kearns wrapped up her statement by telling Naessens to no longer use the word. 

Following Berrera-Kearns’ intervention, Roman shook her head and responded that Berrera-Kearns, too, couldn’t use the word because she’s Hispanic. The mother of two stated, “You don’t say it either ’cause you Latina.” 

After the show’s premiere and the uproar, Roman took to her Twitter to express how she felt regarding the entire situation. The star wrote, “I’m just thinking…I shouldn’t have to educate people on how to be a decent human being and to hold their family, friends, and associates accountable to do the same.”

Roman’s fans agreed with her, and one individual even proclaimed that Roman handled the incident well despite how frustrating it was.

“You shouldn’t have to, but it’s so impressive you still do. You are so composed. I’m glad Beth A. spoke up, but the way Glenn listened to her calmly after getting so defensive with you was infuriating. Also, Irene tried, but girl. You handled that like a champ too.”

“She’s right! That’s totally unacceptable.”

“AMEN. I was stressed tf out for you. Just unacceptable.”

“In 2021 this shouldn’t have to be explained to anyone!!”

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