‘You Need to Take Accountability for Your Part’: Porsha Williams Addresses Fight with Dennis During Family Trip with a Now-Deleted Post and Fans Bash the Star

Porsha Williams took to Instagram on Sunday, Jan. 9, to address a fight with her ex-fiancé, Dennis McKinley, during a family retreat to Mexico. The physical altercation was captured on Williams’ reality show “Porsha Family Matters.”

The recent episode that aired the same night showcased the aftermath of the pair’s heated dispute over their past relationship, which ended in 2019 after two years of dating because of alleged infidelity on McKinley’s part during Williams’ pregnancy. Although McKinley never confirmed the cheating allegations, he did admit to being unfaithful when Williams was suffering from postpartum depression after the birth of their daughter. 

Porsha Williams addresses physical altercation with her ex Dennis McKinley in a now-deleted Instagram post. Photo:@porsha4real/Instagram

The scene begins with Williams arguing with her ex as she asks him and his mother, Ms. Gina, to leave the family dinner. After McKinley tried to get in between his mother and Williams while escorting her out, things took a turn for the worst. When making his way to the exit, Williams swung on McKinley.

As security tried to mediate the situation by holding McKinley back, Williams could be seen screaming and throwing objects in McKinley’s general direction. The fight ended with the 40-year-old, restrained by her fiancé Simon Guobadia, crying, demanding that McKinley get arrested.

Later in the episode, after being called out by the show’s producers for not discussing the incident, Williams claimed the reason behind the whole ordeal was because she was triggered by the conversation that brought up McKinley’s past infidelity.

Following the episode’s premiere, Williams addressed the situation with a now-deleted Instagram post. She began by saying how viewers didn’t see everything that went on during the family dinner.

“There’s a lot that viewers didn’t get to see tonight, and I wish we had more cameras to capture that, which I understand is nobody’s fault. I’ve learned in the past that physical violence is never okay, especially when a man is causing physical harm to women. That is something we are too desensitized to as a society.”

Williams added that she and her family didn’t discuss the incident on camera because she wanted to protect McKinley. She said, “I spoke to some of my family members that were present and decided at the time it was best not to talk about what cameras didn’t get to capture because I was trying to protect Dennis, his business, and therefore our own daughter. Looking back, that was not the right idea.”

The reality star wrapped up the post by taking accountability for her actions and apologizing to McKinley’s mother.

“I take accountability for reacting strongly to what I was seeing and hearing. While I was not physical with Ms. Gina, I regret arguing with an elder. We are six months removed from this incident, and I’m looking forward, not backwards.”

As Williams’ post circulated on social media, many bashed the alum of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” because they claimed that her upload wasn’t sincere.

“This isn’t taking accountability. You’re still crafting your words in ways that imply certain narratives.”

“I hate fake accountability. ‘The cameras didn’t show everything.’ ‘I reacted to what I was seeing and hearing.’ Girl just admit you like to fight, and you’re manipulative.”

“This girl never takes accountability. It’s always someone else that’s the problem. So exhausting.”

“She lost me at ‘especially when a man is causing physical harm to women…’ Ma’am YOU need to take accountability for your part, that alone showed that you felt justified in what you did when in reality he didn’t put his hands on yall. Y’all were jumping all on this man for protecting his Mama.”

In addition to the negative remarks, others brought up how this show painted Williams in a different light. One wrote, “This whole show made me look at Porsha differently. Smh, I hate it for her. It’s horrible.” Another said, “This show is way too toxic. I watched one episode & never went back.”

One particular social media user stated, “This show was not the best idea for her.”

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