Amanda Seales Defends Mickey Guyton After Country Music Fan Tells Singer ‘We Don’t Want Your Kind’

Amanda Seales had nothing but words of encouragement for country music singer Mickey Guyton after the “Black Like Me” singer shared a racist message she received from a social media user.

Guyton shared the spiteful tweet from a user who considers themself a country music fan on her Instagram page, calling it a “good ole batch of racism.” “Started off 2022 with a good ole batch of racism,” she wrote. “I show you this so you guys continue the fight for equality and love and acceptance.”

Amanda Seales (left) won’t stand for any abuse of Mickey Guyton (right). (Photos: @amandaseales/Instagram, @mickeyguyton/Instagram)

In the note, the racist author tells the Grammy-nominated singer that “we don’t want your kind in country music” before noting that “all you people talk about is your race and skin color” and suggesting she stick with “rap, hip-hop, and R&B.”

“@MickeyGuyton We don’t want your kind in country music!” reads that tweet. “All you people talk about is your god damn race and skin color! Don’t you effers have Rap, Hip Hop and R&B? GOTTA RUIN AND DESTROY SH-T WITH YOUR WOKE BS! JUST LIKE Y’ALL DID WITH MTV!! GET THE F OUT OF OUR COUNTRY MUSIC!!!!”

The singer, who made history as the first Black female artist to perform at the Academy of Country Music awards, has remained open about her experiences with racism as a Black female artist in a white male-dominated genre.

“It was extremely difficult. And not only is it difficult for a Black woman, but it’s difficult for women, period, in country music,” she expressed during an episode of Facebook Watch series “Face to Face With Becky G.”

“Like, the data is there. Women are majorly discriminated against in country music, and that is wrong. You know, girls like me and girls like you are put into these boxes, and that’s where we belong. And I had people trying to tell me who I am.”

Comedian and actress Amanda Seales didn’t appreciate the unwarranted hate directed at Guyton. Seales took to Instagram to drop a video encouraging her followers to support one of the few Black country artists in the game, and she dropped some Black history facts at the same time.

“Can y’all please take a moment and head over to Mickey Guyton’s page and show her some love because I just, I am all whizzed. Because it never ceases to amaze me the boldness of white folks,” she fired off to start the video. “You know that Black folks were an integral part of the creation of country music. We are an integral part of the creation of any American music! OK?! Any American music we were there or we were literally the actual creators of it.”

Mickey Guyton thanks Amanda Seales for her encouraging words. @mickeyguyton/Instagram

The former “Insecure” actress couldn’t close out her defense of Guyton without throwing a bit of shade at the tweet’s author. “Nonetheless, just go show her some love, because I just can’t imagine being immersed in a genre of music where your gift and your skill and your talent are constantly being challenged by folks who have a ‘Call of Duty’ icon as their avi,” she added with a sad head shake. “You keep doing yo’ thang, Micks!”

Guyton reposted the “Smart, Funny, & Black” creator’s dressing down of the troll and thanked Seales “for turning these lemons into lemonade.”

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