‘Got His Daddy Attitude’: Princess Love’s Video of Her 2-year-Old Son Epik Doing This Leaves Fans In Tears

Princess Love and Ray J’s son, Epik, is 2 going on 20.

Love recently posted a short video on Jan. 4 of their son giving her a little bit of attitude. While Love can’t be seen in the video because she is recording, the toddler, on the other hand, doesn’t even want to be seen on camera.

Princess Love and her son, Epik. (Photo: @princesslove/Instagram)

Wearing a red shirt, a glittery red hat and his diaper, Epik is walking down a long hallway when he suddenly turns around to look at his mom. As she’s saying “Come here,” Epik throws up his hand and says “go away.” Love chuckles a bit before saying “Let me take a picture of you,” but Epik is interested in doing no such thing. He ignores his mother’s request and continues to walk away.

Love attempts to get Epik to change his mind one more time by calling him by name, but he continues to walk toward another room down the hall before the video ends. Love writes with the post, “Ever since he turned 2 he think he grown,” along with a laughing emoji on the post.

Fans laughed at the video with many commenting on it. One person said Epik was resembling his father. They wrote, “Got his Daddy’s attitude,” and someone else wrote, “he just wanna play with his toys not have the paparazzi in his face all day ..”

Other mothers who could relate wrote, “Terrible two will make you wanna snatch their soul smoove out their chest,” and another said, “I’m happy I’m not the only Mother out here going through this disrespectful ass kids My 2YO think she Bigger then Nino Brown.”

Epik brought in his second birthday on Dec. 31 with plenty of singing and balloons. Ray J posted a video of his sister Brandy Norwood and his father Willie Norwood Sr. singing “Happy Birthday” and harmonizing together. Epik, who didn’t seem to know much of what was going on, simply clung to his mother as she swayed him on her hip back and forth.

Ray J and Love also have a 3-year-old daughter, of Melody.

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