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‘Steve Was Trying to Figure Out What Was Going on’: Marjorie Harvey’s Fans are Left In Tears After She Pranks Her Husband Steve

Marjorie Harvey entertained her fans on Friday, Jan. 7, after uploading a video of herself pranking her husband, Steve Harvey.

In the Instagram clip, Marjorie is seen wearing what appears to be a blue vibrating bodysuit donned with a dark gray Saint Laurent shirt, gray sweatpants and Nike socks. The video begins with her entering the gym, where Steve worked out and engaged in a short conversation.

Marjorie Harvey pranks her husband Steve Harvey while he is working out at the gym. Photo:@marjorie_harvey/Instagram

Although the first half of the discussion is incoherent, Marjorie told the “Family Feud” host that the only reason she came inside was to hug him. The 57-year-old said, “Just came to give you a hug.” 

As the recording continued, Marjorie turned away from her husband, followed their embrace and stood standing — seemingly to give Steve a full view of her vibrating backside. While Marjorie continued to stand still, Steve, who looked confused by the entire situation, began to examine his wife’s shaky posture. 

The video wrapped up with Marjorie letting Steve in on the joke after he failed to realize what was going on. She said, while asking for assistance from an unidentified individual, “Can you please show my husband the controller.” 

Steve replied, “Is something vibrating?” Marjorie quipped, “Yes, you thought I was doing that myself.” The recording closed out with Steve walking over to his wife and placing his hand on her rear end. As fans began to view Marjorie’s post, many mentioned Steve’s confused reaction to the prank. 

“I just love y’all Steve looking like wthhhh.” 

“He’s like why she twerking in the middle of the gym.”

“When he put that hand on his hip and started giving you that look, I fell out Steve was trying to figure out what’s going on!!”

“The look on Mr Harvey’s face though! Ms Majorie you a real queen of comedy.”

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