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‘I’m Tired of Being Married to a Pimp’: Steve Harvey Reveals Wife Marjorie Inspired Him to Change His Style, But He Won’t Give Up His Mustache

Comedian Steve Harvey has become a fashion icon with a little help from his wife Marjorie Harvey and stylist Elly Karamoh. The comedian recently spoke about his new wardrobe and noted that his outfits had to work around his signature mustache.

Harvey has always been a stylish dresser, but the comedian said that when he began hosting “Family Feud” and “Celebrity Family Feud” he had to wear subtle colors and opted for blue, gray and black suits.

Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey hosting “Steve on Watch” on Sept. 27, 2021. (Photo: Stave Harvey/Facebook)

The comedian told GQ that he missed his colorful wardrobe, such as the pink pin-striped suit he wore during the “Kings of Comedy” special. So one day while he was at work his wife and Karamoh went to work on his wardrobe.

“That’s the crazy part about it, because my wife is my biggest critic and my biggest fan. And she stopped me from wearing the big long suits a long time ago.”

“She said, “Steve, can I talk to you?” She said, “I’m tired of being married to a pimp.” And I went, “What?” I was stunned, because you married me and that’s all I had, was big suits. She said, “Yeah, but I was going to change you anyway,” he revealed.

His closet is now full of colorful ensembles by Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuittion and Yves Saint Laurent and before he knew it, people were talking about his style all over social media.

Harvey also told the magazine that Karamoh has to work around his mustache, and the stylist joked that he couldn’t.

He has to work around the mustache,” said Harvey. “You come in here talking about, ‘We going to take the mustache off, you will lose your job. You cannot take the mustache off, so everything got to work around the mustache, man,” he joked.

The game show host went on the tell the story of why he keeps his mustache and joked about why i has to stay.

“I took the mustache off when I was in college, when I was pledging,” he said. “When I took it off, I discovered something: the distance from the top of my top lip to the tip of my nose is about four feet. It looks like a f***ing sheet of plywood if I take my mustache off. So that can’t happen, partner.”

One of the 64-year-old’s ensembles was a lavender suit worn with a long silver-blue trench coat. Another look had him in an Yves Saint Laurent outfit with black suede shoes and a Balmain trench coat.

Harvey was also photographed in an emerald green suit, an all-black Dolce & Gabbana ensemble and a shiny off-pink suit.

Fly as he is, fans had some fun on Twitter joking about the comedian’s new wardrobe. One fan compared Harvey’s emerald green suit to the “Wizard of Oz.” Others posted pictures of Harvey and his suit photoshopped into scenes from television and films.

“#SteveHarvey looks like he’s got a horse of a different color,” said one fan.

“Somebody stop this man [crying emoji]. #SteveHarvey#fresh#drip#green.”

“Steve Harvey looking like VIP from Squid Games,” said another.

Given Harvey’s sense of humor, we hope he enjoyed social media poking fun at his new wardrobe. “I’ve got all these eyeballs, and I guess that’s a whole new set of pressure now,” said the comedian. “I got to get my ass out of here and get to shopping.”

“My motto is to be fly till I die,” he said.

And fly he is.

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