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Fans Defend Sha’Carri Richardson After the Star Flaunts Her Natural Hair: ‘Let’s Make Loving Our Natural Hair Normal Again’

Sha’Carri Richardson’s fans defended the track star on Jan. 6 after uploading a natural hair video. 

The Black community defines natural hair as when an individual does not alter the hair texture they were born with by using chemical straighteners such as relaxers and texturizers. Those who still press or flat-iron their tresses are considered natural after washing their hair because it is reverted to an unaltered state if not heat damaged. 

Sha’Carri Richardson uploads a new natural hair video, and fans come to her defense after she received mixed reactions. @hollywoodunlocked/Instagram

Richardson, who appears to be in a vehicle, showcased her blond puffs and bare face in a captionless clip while jamming along to an undisclosed song. As the 21-year-old’s video began circulating on social media, the blog site Hollywood Unlocked reposted the recording on their Instagram page, asking their followers what they thought about her new look. 

As the reactions towards Richardson’s hair varied from positive and negative responses, a few fans came to the star’s defense. Some claimed that those trolling Richardson by making fun of her hair are only making things worse. The same people defending Richardson pointed out how the narrative of natural hair in the Black community needs to be changed.

“I love any natural hair….let’s make loving our natural hair normal again.”

“Even If people don’t like it, she’s embracing her natural hair so who are we to dislike her and what she chooses to do with it smfh… Just acknowledge that’s she’s beautiful and keep it pushing, y’all really gotta change the narrative.”

“You know Black girls hate themselves when they think she should be ashamed of her NATURAL hair.”

“Why we always gotta put our own down? Others do a great job at that already. Stop hating! At least she has hair under those wigs. A good deep conditioning and trim, she’ll be just fine.”

Richardson has yet to respond to the recent reactions.

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