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‘I Feel Like I’m Doing the Push Ups’: Steve Harvey’s Workout Video Goes Left After Fans Point Out the Cameraperson’s Recording Skills

Steve Harvey‘s exercise video left fans scratching their heads on Jan.5 after zooming in on the “Family Feud” host’s cameraperson. 

In the Instagram upload, Harvey, in an undisclosed gym with his trainer and someone recording video, noisily enters the scene before executing a round of push-ups. 

Steve Harvey’s workout clip derails after fans focus on the star’s cameraperson’s recording skills. Photo:@iamsteveharveytv/Instagram

The clip continues with the 64-year-old trying to complete the task with dumbbells. Things begin to take an unexpected turn when the unidentified individual who was recording the video starts moving in an up-and-down motion with Harvey.

As Harvey gets up and looks to his trainer to confirm the number of push-ups he’s accomplished, the unnamed male trainer responds, “five.” An exhausted Harvey questions his remark by saying, “five?”

The post ends with the trainer jokingly reiterating that the star only completed that particular amount despite how it looked on video. He said, “Yeah, five, let’s do one more; that was four. You’ll be all right.” Harvey captioned the recording, “Let’s GO!!!!!!”

When fans viewed Harvey’s post, many couldn’t get past the cameraperson’s recording abilities. A couple even expressed how they were affected by watching the video.

“Wait y’all making me dizzy. Stay still cameraman good job Unc.”

“Um did the camera individual know they do not have to move the phone to match.”

“Tell the camera man to keep the camera still the next time so I can watch the video.”

“I feel like I’m doing those push ups when the camera goes like that… Hope to lose some weight.”

“Cameraman. Hold the camera still. Giving me motion sickness.”

In addition to the remarks about the cameraperson’s recording skills, others brought up Harvey’s response to his trainer’s push-up count. One wrote, “My mannnn Steve like ‘5!!?'” Another wrote, while complimenting the “Judge Steve Harvey” host, “Uncle Steve said -5? Keep going… you look amazing.”

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