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Fans Think Rihanna Pulled Ari Fletcher’s Savage X Fenty Brand Ambassadorship Deal Following Questionable Domestic Violence Comments

Ari Fletcher may be the latest Savage X Fenty brand ambassador to have her deal pulled by Rihanna herself following a slew of comments about domestic violence that apparently didn’t sit well with the Bajan boss.

On Jan. 7, fans began to notice that all traces of the 26-year-old social media influencer and businesswoman had been removed from the brand’s website and social media pages which sparked speculation that Fletcher’s flippant attitude towards domestic abuse and the victims of that abuse made their way back to the multi-hyphenate mogul.

Rihanna (L) and Ari Fletcher (R). Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images for Savage X Fenty, @therealkylesister/ Instagram

Fletcher made the unsavory remarks during a visit to the “Don’t Call Me White Girl” podcast in December during which she opened up about her relationship with rapper MoneyBagg Yo and how being with him has helped her grow out of some of the toxicity she was used to, and contributed to, early on in their relationship.

She explained that she’d throw tantrums and go through the motions of leaving in hopes of her partner pulling a gun on her to make her stay. “Like, pull your gun out and show me like, ‘B***h leave. I wish you would walk out the door,'” Fletcher told host Mona Love with a smile.

After the clip went viral, and the KYCHE Extensions owner was met with backlash from followers, some of whom were domestic abuse survivors themselves, Fletcher responded on Instagram Live and not only doubled down on her comments but told followers that “nobody cares” that they were victims of abuse.

“You’re ugly. You don’t even have a man, first of all, who wants to pull out a gun on you, especially to not leave,” she ranted in the video. “Nobody wants to do that. Not to you. Nobody even cares about you that much to do that. Two, y’all are in the comments like, ‘Oh when I was in a relationship this boy pulled out —’ Nobody cares! … We don’t care. We do not care at all. …You wanna be a victim so bad. Why do you wanna be a victim so bad?”

Fans overwhelmingly feel that if the rumors of her being dropped by Savage X Fenty are true Ari is simply reaping the bitter fruits of the negativity that she sowed.

Ari Fletcher has been removed from the Savage X Fenty website. @theneighborhoodtalk/Instagram

“Play stupid games win stupid prizes [laughing with tears emoji][laughing with tears emoji] good for her.”

“Learn how to shut the hell up.”

“Rihanna snatching Ari Fletcher’s Savage X Fenty sponsorship because Ari told domestic violence victims ‘we don’t care’ is truly the highlight of my day. Ari literally went on Instagram Live to say she doesn’t care about DV victims’ trauma. But, guess who does care Ari: Rihanna.”

Fletcher isn’t the first brand ambassador to find themselves on Riri’s bad side due to their untoward comments about domestic violence. Reality TV star Draya also fumbled her Savage bag after joking about Tory Lanez’s alleged shooting of Megan Thee Stallion while chatting with the hosts of the “Wine and Weed” podcast.

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