‘Just Step on Our Necks for the New Year’: Tia Mowry’s Fashion Post Caused a Frenzy on Social Media

Tia Mowry took to social media on Monday, Jan. 3, to showcase the one thing she’s prepared to do in 2022.

The actress, who used fashion as an example to inform her followers about her current “mood” when tackling the new year, uploaded an Instagram reel showing off two different ensembles.

Tia Mowry stuns fans with a fashion post that showcases the outfits she plans to wear to conquer the new year .Photo:@tiamowry/Instagram

The multi-clip video begins with Mowry wearing an all-black attire as an unidentified voice in a background track states, “2021 was cute but in 2022 uh” before being switched to a song’s verse that says, “come on with the bad b–h magic.” The specific line from the song came from Qveen Herby’s single “Abracadabra.”

When the voice track gets shifted to Qveen Herby’s song, Mowry then picks up a royal blue blazer and briefly shakes it in front of the camera as the bottom half of her outfit is switched to a matching blue skirt.

Mowry wrapped up the recording by doing a side pose before walking out of the camera frame. In addition to the video, “The Game” star mentioned in her caption how she’s ready to dominate this year. Mowry wrote, “My 2022 mood has arrived. Ready to do the damn thing!”

Tia Mowry Photo:@tiamowry/Instagram

As Mowry’s followers viewed her post, many bypassed her message and immediately marveled over the 43-year-old’s looks. 

“Just step on our necks for the new year.”

“You’ve been slaying these fits.”

“Tia over here applying pressure with these wardrobe changes!”

“You truly SNAPPED on this one!”

“Yesssss Tia 2022 we are bringing all the bad b–h energy.”

Among the compliments, other people raved about Mowry’s transition in her latest post. One said, “Siiiisssss!!!! Your transitions are always so seamless. Like how sis how?!?!?” Another wrote, “Transitions too clean!” 

An Instagram user called the actress the “queen” of the video editing technique that combines separate clips. That person stated, “You’re the queen of transitions.” 

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