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‘Her Mama Looks Like She Could be Her Age’: Alexis Skyy Leaves Fans Stunned After She Shares a Clip of Her Mom

Alexis Skyy left fans speechless on Jan. 2 after uploading a glam video that included her mother.

In the Instagram story, the former “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star’s mom, whose name was not identified, is seen sitting in what appears to be a bathroom as the camera pans left to right.

Alexis Skyy uploads a glam look of her mom and many are left speechless. Photo:@alexisskyy/Instagram

Skyy’s mother’s makeup consisted of a smokey eye donned with light blush and a glossy lip. She topped off the entire look with a top bun and a strapless ensemble. In addition to the clip, the 27-year-old wrote in the caption, “Wow, look at my mom.”

As Skyy’s video began circulating on social media, fans expressed how similar the women looked. A handful mentioned how they thought the star’s mother was her.

“Oh wow I thought that was her.”

“Literally her mom’s twin she spat herself out! I see why Alexis is beautiful AF.”

“Omg!!! This woman so gawd damn beautiful!! Alexis always been a pretty woman so I see where she get her looks from. Whew!”

Fans claim that Alexis Skyy’s mother (left) and the former reality star (right) and her mother have similar features.Photo:alexisskyy_/Instagram

“Well damn, stole Mom’s whole face.”

“I thought I was looking at Alexis, wow her mom is beautiful. Her mom literally gave birth to herself. Beautiful both of them .”

In addition to the comparison remarks, other people marveled over Skyy’s mom’s youthful appearance. One wrote, “Her mama looks like she could be her age.” Another said, “When your momma had you at 5? She’s gorgeous and could be your sister.”

An Instagram user claimed that they couldn’t say that Skyy’s mother looked better than the star because of their strong genes. That person wrote, “Omg, I thought that was her!!!!! Her momma looks younger than her. Can’t say better ’cause they got the same damn face!”

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