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‘Oh She Did That’: Tia Mowry’s Latest Fashion Post Has Fans in Awe

Tia Mowry showcased how one pair of black heels can go a long way after fashionably flooding her followers’ timelines on Monday, Nov. 15, with multiple looks.

In the Instagram Reel, a 15-second multi-clip video, the 43-year-old is seen wearing a black one-shoulder dress while tossing up a decoy shoe in the air to start the video transition. A video transition is often used to combine one shot with another.

Tia Mowry’s fashion post left fans stunned as she showcased her variety of looks with one pair of heels. Photo:@tiamowry/Instagram

The recording continues with Mowry changing her look to the beat of O.T. Genasis’ “Everybody Mad” track from the black dress to a patterned burgundy top with black shorts. She then switches to a green cheetah shirt with the same bottoms. In the last video transition, Mowry is seen rocking a black suit.

In addition to the stylish video, Mowry shared the caption, “Boss energy only. What you got for me Monday?” As fans viewed the actress’ upload, many marveled over how amazing Mowry looked.

“Ahhhh!!! That was amazing.”

“Oohhhh she did that…”

Tia Mowry Photo:@tiamowry/Instagram

“Come on through with the looks Queen!”

“Now sis you ain’t have to slayyyy us like that.”

“Why are you eating us up like this Tia?”

Among the “amazing” remarks, others pointed out how Mowry’s video transition skills have evolved. One wrote, “Getting better and better on your transitions.” Another said, “Transitions are fire.”

An Instagram user asked Mowry if she personally completed the transitions herself and if she could provide tutorials. That person stated, “Did you do these transitions yourself frfr?! Cause I need a damn walk-through!”

This isn’t the first fashion video that has captured Mowry’s followers’ attention. In October, Mowry’s fashion clip with her family got derailed after fans focused on the attire of her husband, Corey Hardrict. The critique was because Hardrict appeared in a casual ensemble that consisted of green sweats and a jean jacket while his family wore all-black.

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