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‘That Transition Had Me Shook’: Tia Mowry’s Latest Fashion Post Leaves Fans Marveling Over Her Video Transitions

Tia Mowry‘s editing skills became a topic of conversation on Dec. 27 after the actress uploaded a fashion video showcasing her potential outfit choices for 2022.

In a post that was first shared on Instagram and later uploaded on TikTok, the 42-year-old started the recording wearing gray sweats and dancing along to Megan Thee Stallion’s “What’s New” while holding a heel in her right hand. Before switching out of her casual attire, Mowry threw the heel up in the air and did a side kick with her right leg.

Tia Mowry’s fans compliment the star’s transitions as she creates a fashion video for her potential 2022 looks. @tiamowry/Instagram

This particular stunt began a series of jump cuts. As Mowry quickly removes her leg from the frame, she appears in a black cut-out ensemble. The clip continues with the “Family Reunion” star posing and dancing to the backtrack while placing her hand over the camera. 

Mowry’s recording then transitioned again after she lifted her hand. The “Sister, Sister” star wore a two-piece pink getup accessorized with hoop earrings. The final video transition occurred after Mowry jumped in a stationary position in the same outfit. While landing the jump, the mother of two appeared in a white feathered dress. The clip ended with Mowry dancing out of frame in her white attire. 

In addition to the eventful clip, Mowry captioned the post, “Getting ready for 2022! Lehgo!” As many viewed the star’s upload, a handful of people bypassed the video’s central theme, fashion, and zoomed in on Mowry’s video transition skills. A fan favorite appeared to be the side kick that Mowry did in the beginning of the recording.

“That kick was smooth as hell! Purrr.”

“She ate that kick and transition.”

Tia Mowry’s outfit changes. (Photo: @tiamowry/Instagram)

“That opening transition was dope.”

“Oh Tia did that!!!! That transition had me shook baby!!”

“Excuse me ma’am, that was too smooth, I wasn’t ready.”

Among Mowry’s compliments for her editing, other people brought up the star’s massive presence on social media, especially when creating multi-clip videos. One wrote, “I love her presence on the socials.” Another said, “I don’t think nobody enjoys social media more than her.”

A third social media user stated while calling Mowry her nickname Med School coined from her hit series “The Game,” “Med School done got the social media game on lock.”

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