‘His Little Voice’: Ciara’s Fans Melt Over Her Son Win and His ‘Funny Stage’ of Life

Ciara’s younger son, Win, is growing up fast on her and her fans, but now he’s at the stage that seems to be a favorite for a few of her fans and peers … the “funny stage.”

In her most recent Instagram video, the singer is seen cuddling with Win sitting on her lap. In the opening of the video, he gently says “mama” while laying his head on her. Ciara says the word back to him but later switches it up and calls out the word “babe.” Win follows suit and also says the word, with his mother chuckling right after that.

Ciara and her son Win Wilson. (Photo: @ciara/Instagram)

They both say the word loudly a few times to each other before Ciara switches the word again, this time saying “Da Da.” Her husband, Russell Wilson, can be heard in the background responding “yes” right before their son says “Da Da.” Wilson says, “Yeah, Da Da love you.”

Ciara continues to coax Win into saying “Mama” and “babe” one more time before telling him to say “come on.”

This time Win says “come on” but starts to cover his mouth and laugh right afterward. The mother of three wrote, “Hitting that super fun and funny stage with Win @DangeRussWilson 😂❤️,” in the caption.

Many agreed that this stage in a child’s life is the stage they also enjoy. Rapper Nicki Minaj commented on the video about her own son, who, like Win, is also a year old. She said, “I’m enjoying this stage so much it’s not even funny. Kiss him for me.”

One fan also spoke about the stage saying, “Adorable stage!! Ciara your the coolest mama ever.”

Others were obsessing over Win’s cuteness. One person said, “His little voice,” and another wrote, “Literally cutest human I have ever seen in my life.”

Together Ciara and Russell share not only Win but also their 4-year-old daughter Sienna Wilson. Ciara also has an older son, Future, whom she had with rapper Future.

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