‘It’s Always Her Face for Me’: Kaavia James Has Fans In Tears After Serving Her Signature Side Eye During a Play Date Gone Wrong

Kaavia James Wade is an equal opportunist when it comes to serving a side eye.

The toddler dubbed “Shady Baby” almost immediately after being born has been serving up comical antics and the shadiest of side eyes for three years now. While fans have grown accustomed to seeing her mother, actress Gabrielle Union, as the recipient of the little tyke’s waning patience, she proved on a family-and-friends vacation in Hawaii that even her pal Crosby Sparrow was not exempt.

Crosby Sparrow and Kaavia James Wade. (Photo: @kaaviajames/Instagram)

The tiny best friend duo were poolside with Kaavia dressed in a bathing suit and mermaid skirt, and Crosby in a Spider-Man costume when their play date went left. 

Union Wade, who shared the video on Instagram, captioned it, “For everyone wondering what would’ve happened if Issa was #TeamNathan [referring to “Insecure” finale] We present Mermaid Princess vs Spider-Man.” While the caption alone had social media users reeling with laughter, it was Kaavia’s reaction to her pal’s beckoning for her jump into the pool despite her making it clear she was there to casually lounge.

“OK, now jump! Tickle, tickle,” yelled Crosby as Kaavia sat at the pool’s edge swinging her feet in the water. Chaos ensued when Kaavia told her pal, “I’m only [doing] this. Stop tickling me,” then proceeded to glare at Crosby from the side of her eye. Still ever-persistent, Crosby continued, “You need to jump! You need to jump and swim under water. Kaavia, jump!”

“She does what she wants [red heart emoji] no peer pressure [laughing emoji],” commented one person tickled by the moment. Others wrote:

“He was on sis nerves [laughing emoji]”

“It’s always her face for me”

“Lol it’s her looking our the corner of her eye making sure he don’t push her”

The captured moment is obviously just a minor blip in the toddlers’ friendship. A trip down Kaavia’s photo timeline proves she and Crosby, who is the son of actress Nicole Lyn and ad agency exec Chad Easterling, are thick as thieves whether they are adorning matching Christmas pajamas, dressing up as Adele and sport agent Rich Paul for Halloween, or performing impromptu karaoke for the onlooking parents.

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