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‘She Looks Like Whoever Parent She Stands Next To’: Ciara’s Family Post Gets Derailed When Fans Mention Her Daughter’s Similar Features

Ciara‘s family upload on Monday, Nov. 22, got sidetracked after fans pointed out how identical the singer and her 4-year-old daughter Sienna Princess Wilson look.

Ciara and her children, Future Zahir Wilburn ,7, Win Harrison Wilson, 1, and Sienna attended a Seattle Seahawks game, where Russell Wilson and his teammates played against the Arizona Cardinals. The Seahawks ultimately lost to the Cardinals, with the final score being 23 to 13.

Ciara’s family post goes left after fans mention how identical she and her daughter Sienna Wilson (right) look. Photo:@ciara/Instagram

The 35-year-old shared various snapshots of the family watching the game during the event; the post included a special message to her husband. She wrote, “Always proud of you @DangeRussWilson. We love you so much! #3.” As fans began to view Ciara’s post, many zoomed in on the mother-daughter duo’s physical appearance. Several people mentioned how much the pair favored each other.

“First pic – moms twin. Fourth pic- dads twin wowow genetics. Third pic brutha loveeee.”

“You and her are literally twins.”

“Si Si is looking a lot like her mommy.”

Ciara’s fans also bring up how Sienna Wilson looks like both her and Russell Wilson (far right). Photo:@ciara @dangerusswilson/Instagram

“She MOSTLY LOOK LIKE YOU @Ciara except for the nose.”

In addition to the comparison remarks, others claimed that Sienna looked like the parent she is besides at that moment. One wrote, “Nah, wait, she looked just like Russell- she switched. She looks just like Ciara. It’s a win-win though she was made by two beautiful people.”

Another said, “Wow, she looks like whatever parent she is next to.”An Instagram user disclosed that the toddler is just the “perfect blend” of both parents. That person stated, “Sienna is a perfect mix of you and Russell.”

This isn’t the first time Ciara and Sienna had fans seeing double. Earlier this year, while on a family vacation in Hawaii, the “Level Up” vocalist shared a caption-less photo of her and Sienna posing for the camera.

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