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‘She Keeps My Name In Her Mouth’: Quad Webb Responds to Dr. Heavenly Throwing Shots at Her During a Conversation About Nene Leakes’ Dating Life

Dr. Heavenly Kimes‘ opinion on Nene Leakes‘ dating life on Dec. 24 goes left after fans solely focus on the slight shade she threw at her “Married to Medicine” co-star Quad Webb

Nene recently confirmed she is seeing Liberian businessman Nyonisela Sioh during an interview with The Shade Room last week after the couple was spotted at her 54th birthday party. This news comes three months after the former reality star’s husband Gregg Leakes tragically succumbed to his lengthy battle with colon cancer back in September. 

Dr. Heavenly (left) commented about Nene Leakes (center) and her new dating life during a Q&A live stream recently, but the remarks went left after fans decided she was insulting “Married to Medicine” co-star Quad Webb (right) by bringing her name up. (Photos: @dr_heavenly/Instagram, @neneleakes/Instagram, @absolutelyquadd/Instagram)

In the Q&A live stream, Dr. Heavenly expressed on mark 15:15 she’s “OK” with Nene dating again despite people feeling she moved on too quickly. The “M2M” star said while mentioning Nene’s previous remarks of her late husband reportedly telling her to move with her life. 

“That’s Nene life. Her husband gave her the go-ahead to live her life and do what she want to do. It’s hard being out here by herself. She’s a celebrity. It’s probably a lot of dudes at her. She’s been on a long road with knowing this man. She stood behind him, which was great for a long time while he was sick. So I think it’s OK for her to move on.”

Things began to take a turn after the 51-year-old pointed out that although she’s accepting of the new love in Nene’s life, one thing she finds a bit too soon is posting Nyonisela on social media.

She stated while using her co-star Quad as an example, “I just think I wouldn’t have told it this soon. Not me, I probably would have had nobody this soon, but even if I did, I wouldn’t have posted them. I would have kept that secret. I would’ve did a Quad. Whoever Quad sleeping with, we don’t know.”

Dr. Heavenly wrapped up the conversation by reiterating that she wouldn’t have posted a person she was dating but rather her husband. “Everything ain’t for Instagram! That’s what I think. I don’t know. Maybe I’m wrong. I think maybe I would’ve dated somebody. [Gregg Leakes] gave her the go-ahead. I think she’s been a great wife to him.”

The dentist added, “She stayed with him for a long time. I just wouldn’t have posted him up. You know what I’m saying, I wouldn’t post no dude that ain’t my husband. I wouldn’t, that’s me. Unless I got a ring on my finger you don’t go on my Instagram, boo. But that’s just me… Some s–t is too soon.”

Quad Webb responds to the slight shade thrown at her by “M2M” co-star Dr. Heavenly Kimes following her remarks about Nene Leakes dating life was reposted on The Peach Report Daily. Photo:@thepeachreportdaily/Instagram

As Dr. Heavenly’s remarks began circulating on social media, including The Peach Report Daily, many bypassed her comments on Nene’s dating life and zoomed in on the shade toward Quad. Several brought up how messy Dr. Heavenly was in the live, while others wondered why Quad was even mentioned in the first place.

“@dr_heavenly for once I actually agreed with you. But the Quad shade though you messy.”

“What did @absolutelyquad had to do with this?! She didn’t do nothing.”

“I’m dying at her bringing Quad in it Heavenly is a mess lol”

“What Quad got to do with this.”

When a social media user asked why Dr. Heavenly always brings her name up, Quad claimed that it’s apparent that her co-star loves talking about her. The original comment that star responded to read, “lol, she always brings Quad up?”

Quad replied, “Baby we all done peeped that. She keeps my name in her mouth. I know I taste good but damn!”

Although Dr. Heavenly and Quad appeared to be friends on “M2M,” their current friendship status appears to be unknown following this recent round of comments.

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