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‘Thought This Was Marlo Hampton’: Fiery New Look for ‘M2M’ Star Dr. Heavenly Has Fans Mistaking Her for This ‘RHOA’ Alum

Dr. Heavenly Kimes‘ head-turning new look on Wednesday, June 16, had fans comparing the “Married to Medicine” star to Marlo Hampton of “The Real Housewife of Atlanta” after Kimes shared a video showcasing her wavy orange locks. Many people expressed how strongly the two women physically resembled each other following Kimes’ latest upload. 

Kimes, who reposted the recording from her makeup artist Arielle Antoinette, commented the reason behind the new look was because she was “playing with a little color” from her hair collection, which Kimes hashtagged “DrHeavenlyHairCollection.”

Dr. Heavenly Kimes’ new hair color has fans doing a double-take after they confused the “M2M” star with “RHOA” alum Marlo Hampton. Photo:@dr_heavenly/Instagram

As the video became viral, a multitude of people mentioned how they thought it was Hampton in the short clip, while others pointed out how Kimes looked completely unrecognizable with the new hair color. 

“Why I ain’t know this was my her okayyy switch up.”

“She looking like Marlo right here.”

“I thought that was @marlohampton at first sight.”

“Thought this was Marlo Hampton lol.”

“CHIIIILLLLDDD I thought this was somebody else. It’s Sexy on you I love it 🔥.”

Dr. Heavenly Kimes and Marlo Hampton Photo:@dr_heavenly @marlohampton/Instagram

Although many fans gawked over Kimes’ new look, several other people brought up her husband Dr. Damon Kimes. One wrote, “Dr. Damon better watch her!!” Another warned Dr. Damon about what this new look could possibly entail for Kimes’ summer plans. “Dr. Heavenly you about to have a hot mama summer. Dr. Damion ain’t gonna know what to do. He gonna be blushing.❤️❤️🔥🔥.”

Even Kimes’ friend and gossip blogger Funky Dineva went as far as to ask the reality star what Dr. Damon, whom she often calls daddy as a pet name, thought about the new hairdo. He wrote, “What daddy say about this miss tangerine! I love it!!” Kimes shamelessly responded by stating, “daddy loves to eat tangerines. 😮😮🤷🏽‍♀️🙏🏾🙏🏾.”

Kimes, who has been married to her husband for about 23 years, isn’t a stranger to informing people or commenting about her active sex life with Dr. Damon. Last August, while hanging out with “RHOA” newbie Drew Sidora, Kimes disclosed how she kept things spicy in the bedroom after Sidora asked her the secret to sustaining a healthy sex life after being married for so long. 

She told Sidora that she listens to any City Girls song and imitates their moves. “It’s all about mental, okay. Listen to the City Girl song ‘I’m from Miami’ that will tell you how to keep it spicy, and I do exactly what they do, okay. That’s it.”

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