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‘You’ve Just Got to Go for It Actually’: Michael B. Jordan Gets Real About Filming His First Nude Scene

Michael B. Jordan makes his romantic drama debut in ‘A Journal For Jordan’ and what romance would be complete without a little nudity? While he’s no stranger to being shirtless, the film’s love scene marks the star’s first time showing a little rear, and the star revealed that although the intimate moment was handled as tastefully as possible while on set, he still had to remind himself to not overthink things.

Jordan’s semi-nude scene in his upcoming film “A Journal For Jordan” is sure to brighten up plenty of fans’ holiday seasons, however, the “Creed” actor explained that as steamy as it may play for audiences watching, the filming process was much more technical.

Michael B. Jordan bares it all in “A Journal For Jordan.” (Photo: @michaelbjordan/Instagram)

“It was very respectful, obviously, with nudity or anything like that. The closed sets and everybody does everything humanly possible to make sure that actors are safe and comfortable and all that good stuff. But you’ve just got to go for it actually,” Jordan told Yahoo Entertainment of his approach to baring it all. “If you overthink it, you won’t do it.” 

Chanté Adams echoed her co-star’s sentiments about how the scene was filmed as seriously and respectfully as possible. “Any time you film a love scene and it’s done properly it’s a closed set. It’s only the people that absolutely need to be there. … They want to make it as intimate as possible but also protect the actors. Of course, we knew it was going to be a very fun scene for everyone else, but as actors and as people coming to work that day, we have to treat it as something very serious. And we always do!”

The idea to put Jordan’s backside front and center came from a conversation between the movie’s director of photography, Maryse Alberti, and director Denzel Washington. “Maryse Alberti was our DP, our director of photography, and there’s this story that Denzel tells that during this intimate, love-making scene he was like ‘As a woman, where would you want to put the camera? How do you photograph this?’… and she was like ‘On Michael B.’s butt’ and I was like ‘Aight!'”

Jordan previously expressed his immense respect for Washington, which played a part in his comfort level while broaching sexier territory in the film. “The opportunity to work with Denzel. When Popovich, or somebody gives you a call, it’s like, ‘Oh, s**t. OK. Yeah, yep. I’m showing up,’” he said. “But I think the opportunity to work with one of my mentors and somebody that I idolized, to be able to learn from him and be directed by him, was priceless. … it just seemed like a no-brainer.”

Michael B. Jordan opened up about filming his first nude scene. @michaelbjordan/Instagram

“As an actor, if you’re going to expose yourself and be vulnerable, you have to do it in the most elevated way possible,” Jordan told Yahoo. “And the pieces involved here included working with Denzel on this incredible true story. I was like, ‘This is the one I’ll go there for.'”

“A Journal For Jordan” heads to theaters on Christmas Day.

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