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‘He’s Big on Appearance’: Woman Who Claims She Dated Michael B. Jordan Suggested Things Went Left After She Answered His Skype Call Wearing a Bonnet

Michael B. Jordan may have a long list of women waiting for him to give them a chance, but the ladies should make sure they fit his criteria before shooting their shot. 

Michael B. Jordan
Woman claims she used to date Michael B. Jordan, but they “fizzled out” because she answered his Skype call wearing a bonnet. (Pictured: @michalebjordan/Instagram)

A YouTuber who goes by the name “Becoming Chanel” recently made a 28-minute video alleging that she used to date People’s “Sexiest Man Alive” before he reached high status and before he dated ex-girlfriend Lori Harvey.  

“I’ve never shared publicly because why would I,” she said at the start of her video. “I’ve been making videos about self-love and relationships. And upon being a better partner moving forward, you have to evaluate some of your relationships in the past.” 

Throughout her video, Chanel noted that Jordan deserved his “Sexiest Man Alive” title “because he’s fine,” and suggested that he wants a significant other who is able to keep up with his physical appearance. 

According to the Houston native, she dated the “Creed III” actor and director while he was filming the 2012 war film “Red Tails.” At the 17-minute mark, Chanel stated that she learned her alleged ex-boo was “big on appearance” after she answered his Skype call in a bonnet, which then caused friction in their relationship. 

“One thing about Mike that I am going to say, you have to be on your Ps and Qs,” the YouTuber advised. “He is very observant. He’s big on appearance, he wants his woman, his women, to look a certain way.” 

Due to his crazy set schedule, Jordan would allegedly call Chanel bright and early, however, when he would answer the phone the 35-year-old would be surprised by what he, and his castmates, would see. 

“I’m waking up at 5, 4 o’clock in the morning to talk to you before you go back on set,” she said. “I don’t give a damn I’m not taking this bonnet off, I’m not putting on no makeup. I’m not doing none of that.”

Chanel claimed this situation to be the start of their issues, suggesting, “We would get into conflict because he’d be like ‘Why you still got the bonnet on, sis?’ Like ‘What are we doing? Why would you still do that?’ ” 

While she didn’t understand his way of thinking at the time, Chanel admitted to currently realizing why Jordan allegedly felt the way he did. 

“Now looking at it like yes girl go put on a face and brush your hair out so you can look. You know your man’s tryna show you off.” 

As she continued to recount moments from their alleged relationship, Chanel confessed to being at fault for why it ended. 

“I was the problem. It was definitely my mouth,” she said. 

Though their relationship “fizzled out,” Chanel acknowledged that there was no bad blood between them, and even said she reached back out to him once she moved to L.A. 

However, the interaction didn’t go anywhere due to Chanel allegedly having a seizure the night of their hangout.

“I was too embarrassed to tell him I had a seizure,” she shared, “so I didn’t say anything. 

Chanel going ghost without giving Jordan an honest explanation caused him to completely cut her off and never speak to her again. That was until she reached out to the actor to congratulate him on the success of the first “Creed.” 

The entrepreneur included text messages, allegedly between her and Jordan, that showed Chanel giving him his well-deserved flowers. 

Jordan has not yet publicly responded to Chanel’s story told through video.
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